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Gun Policy News, 4 February 2006

United States

4 February 2006

New Scientist

Gun lobbyists like to repeat the quote often attributed to American writer Robert Heinlein, that "an armed society is a polite society". But this is certainly not true for motorists. A survey of 2400 drivers carried out by David Hemenway and his colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health shows that motorists who carry guns in their cars are far more likely to indulge in road rage — driving aggressively or making obscene gestures — than motorists without... (

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Mexico,United States

4 February 2006

Houston Chronicle (Texas)

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — Drugs go north and guns go south. It's been that way for decades. But now American law enforcement officials have urgent new worries about weapons that are winding up in Mexico. Underscoring their concerns, U.S. firearms agents earlier this year beefed up their anti-smuggling operations in South Texas. And on Friday, a Homeland Security task force announced its first success: The seizure of a stunning array of weaponry, from assault rifles and... (

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4 February 2006

Toronto Star (Ontario)

Ontario should have the right to ban handguns and will, if necessary, go looking for the power to outlaw "these weapons of human misery," Attorney General Michael Bryant says. And if Ottawa doesn't give provinces the power to ban such weapons, Bryant said, Ontario "will have to look at the narrow constitutional opportunities that are available to us." The attorney general's comments came a day after an Oshawa gun collector reported the theft of 40 registered handguns,... (

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