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Gun Policy News, 23 January 2006

United States

23 January 2006

New York Daily News

Life may be cheap to the thugs that use them, but Uzis are one of most the expensive assault weapons slithering back onto city streets. The killer guns can run up to $5,000 on the black market — double the cost to buy them legally down South, law enforcement sources say. The boxy, lightweight weapon costs a lot more than most guns, and it's hard to conceal. But some, like alleged shooter Damian Henry, who is charged with firing an Uzi at two Brooklyn cops Saturday,... (

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Czech Republic

23 January 2006

Ceske Noviny (Prague)

PRAGUE — Almost 311,000 people owned the gun licence at the end of last year, possessing about 622,000 weapons, the statistics from the police headquarters, published, said. The number of gun licences rose by 2300 and of firearms by almost 16,000. The highest number, over 230,000 Czechs, acquired the gun licence in order to protect their property and life. Huntsmen had 129,000, marksmen 124,000 and collectors 73,000 weapons. The holders of gun licences used... (

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United States

23 January 2006

Green Bay Press Gazette (Wisconsin)

State lawmakers could vote as early as this week on overriding Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle's veto of a bill that would allow people to carry hidden guns and knives. "I believe the public supports concealed-carry legislation," said Ed Foral of Green Bay. Fears that the law would spur crime are unwarranted, based on statistics from states that have such legislation, he said. "I want to see law-abiding responsible adults be able to get a permit," said Foral, a hunter.... (

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United States

23 January 2006

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

Republicans, Democrats and the National Rifle Association are backing bills this session that would give people more leeway to use deadly force to defend themselves and others from serious crimes, such as robbery and rape. A House version, sponsored by Democrats, even offers protections against civil lawsuits. The National Rifle Association, which played a key role in passage last year of Florida's so-called Castle Doctrine, says it is working this year for similar... (

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23 January 2006

This Day (Lagos)

LAGOS — The Kwara State Command of the Nigeria police has recovered over 225 arms and ammunition from hoodlums terrorizing the people of the state. The command's image maker, Mr. Gideon Markus (DSP) who disclosed this at the monthly meeting of Police Industrial Relations Committee (PIRC) in Ilorin, said those items was recovered from two persons. He opined that one of the suspects were arrested with a container loaded with about 218 cartridges opposite the Omu Aran... (

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