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Gun Policy News, 22 January 2006

United States

22 January 2006

Daily Sentinel (Colorado), Column

I am a hunter. Like most hunters, I care deeply about our hunting heritage and our ability to pass it on. Like most hunters, I consider people and organizations who work on behalf of hunting my friends, and those who work against hunting my adversaries. Like most hunters, I am confused when the lines become blurred. And today the lines are blurry indeed in regards to the National Rifle Association. The NRA is one of the most powerful and effective lobbies in... (

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22 January 2006

BBC News

On a crisp winter Saturday afternoon, shoppers throng Yonge Street in central Toronto, Ontario, as the temperature reaches an unseasonably warm 0C (32F). In front of a sporting goods shop near the corner with Dundas Street, gaggles of teenagers occasionally stop to stare. The makeshift shrine is gone, but they need no sign to tell them that this is where 15-year-old Jane Creba was shot while shopping with her family on Boxing Day. An innocent bystander caught in... (

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United Nations,United States,Iran,Israel,Egypt,China,Syria,India,Pakistan,Trinidad & Tobago

22 January 2006

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday

NEW YORK — After two weeks of talking, governments have achieved virtually no outcome from a UN conference on controlling the proliferation and misuse of small arms. During this time, approximately 12,000 more people have died at gunpoint and many more have been injured, bereaved or denied access to livelihoods, healthcare and education because of armed violence. Usually at loggerheads on disarmament issues, the USA and Iran, Israel and Egypt are on the same side of... (

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United States,Canada

22 January 2006

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin), Column

A question you get at the checkpoint after tunneling under the Detroit River into Windsor, Ontario, is whether you're carrying guns. It initially would strike me as odd. Non-violent me with guns? Then I would remember that all the custom officer knows about me is that I'm hailing from a country where guns abound — Americana that Canada prefers, understandably, to wall out. But of late, guns have seeped into the country anyway. A spate of sensational shootings has... (

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22 January 2006

Toronto Sun (Ontario), Column

In the pre-election panic of seeing his Liberal party plummeting in the polls, Prime Minister Paul Martin jumped on the tragedy of Toronto's Year of the Gun and vowed to ban all handguns in this country — his crosshairs obviously focused on legal collectors and sport shooters. Illegal handguns, after all, are already banned. His target, therefore, became the law-abiding citizen. The prime minister was aided and abetted by Toronto Mayor David Miller, who, despite... (

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United States

22 January 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer

Leslie Willis Lowry organized yesterday's panel to stop gun violence because her son was killed in 2000. Imtisar Shah sat on the panel to stop gun violence because her son was killed in 2003. Angela Riley sat in the audience yesterday and rose to speak out against gun violence because her son was just killed in August — three months after graduating from prep school. "My son had a 95.5 GPA," said Riley, a Southwest Philadelphia mother. "I came for my own therapy... (

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United States

22 January 2006

New York Daily News

Mayor Bloomberg call it "unconscionable" that accused Brooklyn gunslinger Damian Henry could get his hands on a high-powered machine gun. Bloomberg said yesterday's early morning East Flatbush shootout shows the importance of his crusade against illegal weapons. "It's unconscionable that this weapon would be on our city streets," the mayor said after cops revealed that Henry was armed with an Uzi-type gun, capable of holding up to 30 bullets. Earlier this month,... (

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United States

22 January 2006

Newsday (New York)

An Uzi-toting gunman, who authorities said once wielded the same stolen handgun that was used to kill NYPD Officer Dillon Stewart in November, was injured Saturday in a shootout with cops in Brooklyn, police said. A sergeant and a police officer involved in the Flatbush incident, who police did not identify, were uninjured. They initially responded to a 4:30 a.m. report of a man trying to enter the Ragtop nightclub on Utica Avenue with a weapon, police said. Alleged... (

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22 January 2006

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Dan (Podgorica), Transcript

Sources in the Serbia-Montenegro Army have told Dan that about ten days ago unidentified perpetrators stole 50 optical sight sniper rifles, several assault and semiautomatic rifles and a small quantity of ammunition from the Pero Cetkovic barracks in Bar [Montenegrin port]. Three soldiers who were standing guard during the theft were detained and interrogated in the Bar police headquarters. They have been charged with negligence on duty. After the questioning the... (

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United Kingdom

22 January 2006

Independent (UK)

Record levels of gun crime are being blamed on the fact that more people than ever are carrying firearms as fashion accessories. Figures published this week by the Home Office are expected to show that offences involving guns have soared by as much as 50 per cent in some parts of the country. The greatest rises have been in the number of people found in possession of firearms and in the number of attempted murders. Nearly half of police forces surveyed by The... (

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United States

22 January 2006

Huntsville Times (Alabama)

MONTGOMERY — The "make-my-day" bill greatly broadening circumstances when citizens' may use deadly force is headed for the Alabama House. The spitting image of Florida's "stand-your-ground" law won approval in a House committee in the Legislature last week. Rep. Albert Hall, D-Gurley, is the sponsor. Arthur Hayhoe, executive director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said the Alabama bill could cause trouble if passed: "I call it the... (

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