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Gun Policy News, 17 January 2006


17 January 2006

ABC News (Australia)

The National Coalition for Gun Control is worried that Tasmania's Police Minister, David Llewellyn, is about to water down gun laws. The coalition's chairman, Roland Browne, says the Minister has been sitting on a review of the Firearms Act and plans to abolish the 28-day cooling off period for the purchase of second and subsequent firearms. He says the review has been shrouded in secrecy because an election is imminent. "Firearm law changes are very contentious," Mr... (

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17 January 2006

Washington Post Foreign Service

TORONTO — Jane Creba, 15, was browsing the Boxing Day sales with her older sister when she started crossing the street to look for sneakers. She stepped into a spray of gunfire between rival teenage gangs in the middle of the busy downtown shopping district. Creba died from a single bullet, and six other people were wounded. The Dec. 26 incident climaxed a year of sensational shootings here, propelling the issue of gun violence to the top of the national debate... (

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17 January 2006 / CanWest

When you envision a Saskatchewan gun owner, what do you see? A flannel shirt-wearing, tobacco-spitting redneck driving a six-wheeled truck, like the yahoos in this Arrogant Worms song Let There be Guns. The true picture is more nuanced than that. The face of the anti-gun control movement in Saskatchewan has long been Dr. Ed Hudson. Hudson is best known for flaunting his 55 unregistered firearms in front of television cameras and pleading, "Arrest me! I'm breaking the... (

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United Kingdom

17 January 2006

Guardian (UK), Column

Britain's pistol shooters are up in arms over the law that prevents them from practising their sport in their home country. There are about a hundred of them, and their weapons are kept under lock and key at a shooting gallery in Zurich, which is where they have to go when they want to keep their eye in. They claim that by obstructing what they consider to be their right to fire at targets closer to home, and thereby restricting their scope to improve and maintain their... (

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United States

17 January 2006

Associated Press

RICHMOND, Virginia — A Senate committee today killed a bill requiring criminal background checks on all purchasers at gun shows. The vote was nine to four. Current law requires licensed dealers to conduct background checks, but it exempts private sellers. Democratic Senator Henry Marsh of Richmond proposed toughening the law to make it harder for criminals to buy weapons at gun shows. Several gun-rights supporters urged defeat of the bill. They argued that most... (

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United States

17 January 2006

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), Editorial

Since passing its "shoot first, ask questions later" law last year, the state of Florida has been derided by the international press, become the subject of an ad campaign that warns visitors not to "shout or make threatening gestures" at the natives, and provided fodder for amused bloggers, pundits and late-night comics. (What's the Sunshine State's new motto? "Florida: Don't make us come up there.") So guess what state — also led by cowering politicians desperate to... (

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17 January 2006

Toronto Star (Ontario)

The relatives of homicide victims made an impassioned plea yesterday for a handgun ban and tougher penalties to stop the violence that has gripped many Canadian cities. United in their grief, the five — four of them mothers — said whichever party wins next week's federal election, gun control must become a central issue. "The common denominator for all of us here today is that guns have killed our loved ones," said Susan Jessop, whose son Lee Matasi, 23, was shot... (

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17 January 2006

Edmonton Journal (Alberta) / CP

TORONTO — A Conservative proposal to dismantle the gun registry would be a "grave error" for Canada, relatives of shooting victims said Monday in calling on federal leaders to ignore partisanship and work together to get guns off streets and murderers in prison. In an impassioned news conference, four mothers who lost their sons and a man who lost his cousin challenged all parties to outlaw handguns, deny bail to anyone charged with a gun-related offence, and... (

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United States

17 January 2006

Capital Times (Wisconsin), Column

There is a striking similarity between the way the Bush administration used lies and deception to drag us into Iraq and the way the gun lobby is using lies and deception to drag us into the dangerous world of concealed weapons. Both used fraudulent science and fear-mongering to frighten and deceive the public. In the case of George W. Bush, we see by hindsight how it happened, and we feel contempt for the dishonorable way he behaved, but that doesn't get us out of the... (

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South Africa

17 January 2006

South African Press Association

Speaking at a consultative meeting with stake holders in Pretoria today, Charles Nqakula, the safety and security minister, has re-iterated that the new firearms control legislation is not meant to prejudice legal gun owners. Nqakula says it's meant to put proper controls on those who are in possession of firearms. He says the Firearms Amendment Bill will be tabled in parliament soon to make sure that legislation complies with public practices. The minister also... (

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United States

17 January 2006

Stamford Advocate (Connecticut) / AP

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut — U.S. Repeating Arms said Tuesday it will close its Winchester firearm factory, threatening the future of a rifle that pioneers toted into the Wild West and John Wayne hoisted onto the big screen. "It's part of who we are as a nation just like it's part of who we are as a city. It's the gun that won the West," Mayor John DeStefano said. "What are we going to have, Winchester rifles manufactured in China? Is this what we're coming to?" The... (

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United Nations

17 January 2006

Inter Press Service News Agency

UNITED NATIONS — The widespread proliferation of small arms and light weapons can be curbed more effectively by reducing demand than by merely cutting off supplies, according to a new report on arms control released here. "Unless the motivations and means for gun acquisition are understood, arms reduction interventions will fail," warns the 68-page study titled "Demanding Attention: Addressing the Dynamics of Small Arms Demand". "Demand reduction must be taken... (

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United States

17 January 2006


FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Illinois — Federal prosecutors in Fairview Heights have charged a Springfield doctor and at least two Illinois state troopers with illegal possession of machine guns. A fourth person faces the same charge but has not yet been identified by authorities. The US Attorney's office filed the charges last Wednesday. They were unsealed today. Among those charged is 69-year-old Harold Griffiths of Spaulding. Authorities say he practices medicine in... (

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17 January 2006

BBC News

Five people have been killed in Tanzania since police began a shoot-to-kill policy over the weekend. The new president wants police to crack down on armed criminals and has created a ministry to deal with the problem. Minister of Public Safety and Security Bakari Mwapachu, who was sworn in earlier in January, issued the shoot-to-kill order last week. Police deny that innocent people have been caught up in shooting and say only armed gangsters are being targeted.... (

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United States

17 January 2006

Chicago Tribune, Editorial

Motorists in Illinois pay $78 a year to renew their license plates, up from $48 as recently as 1999. The daily cost of camping permits at most Illinois state parks has jumped in recent years to $15 from $5. Driver's licenses, which used to cost $5, now cost $10. The cash-strapped state has been raising just about every fee imaginable in recent years to help make ends meet. One glaring exception has been the firearm owner's identification card. The $5 FOID price hasn't... (

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United States

17 January 2006

Journal Star (Nebraska)

Nebraska's rural culture, the popularity of adorning pickups with gun racks and myriad other factors point to a state full of firearms So could some unsettling statistics that didn't appear to emerge during the recent fight (observers may be surprised any gun-related statistics were left uncovered) over whether Nebraskans should be allowed to carry concealed handguns. According to the FBI, there were 1,095 arrests for weapons violations in Nebraska in 2004. How does... (

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