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Gun Policy News, 11 January 2006


11 January 2006

Catholic News Agency

In an address to the United Nations, Holy See Permanent Observer Archbishop Celestino Migliore, called on the world body to more thoroughly analyse the reasons behind demand for small arms, so as to eradicate their illicit trade. Catholic News Agency reports that Archbishop Migliore's address was given in New York to a committee reviewing progress made in the implementation of the Program of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and... (

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11 January 2006

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave) / Pacific Beat

Fiji's police department has undertaken a clean-out of its fire arms and equipment. And it's a case of out with the old and in with the new, with the police recently updating its armoury, replacing an old model of firearm. The Police Tactical Response Team will also have its weapons upgraded, as part of a F$350,000 government grant to update the weapons. But Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes says that while it is important that police have access to the weapons,... (

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11 January 2006

ISN Security Watch (Zurich), Web Page

VATICAN — The Vatican's permanent representative at the UN has called for the development of an international accord limiting the trade of light arms. Observers and officials working in the Holy See say the move demonstrates that the Vatican is looking to increase its visibility in international affairs. Archbishop Celestino Migliore on Monday told the UN it should foster international cooperation aimed at reducing the demand for small arms around the world, a break... (

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United States

11 January 2006

Honolulu Advertiser (Hawaii)

The Honolulu Police Department is recommending eight law enforcement bills in the upcoming legislative session, including three new measures that would set up a highway patrol, curb the sale of .50-caliber guns and require the use of helmets by moped riders under the age of 18. Five of the proposed bills are from the previous session. None of the bills that are up for reconsideration was "objectionable" last session, said state Rep. Sylvia Luke, D-26th (Punchbowl,... (

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11 January 2006


The Swiss government on Wednesday recommended to parliament that all gun owners must obtain a permit. Bowing to resistance from lobby groups, the cabinet decided against a plan to create a central national weapons register. The cabinet said it was opposed to the database on the grounds that the time and effort it would require would greatly outweigh the benefit. If accepted by parliament, the amended law will bring Switzerland into line with the European Union's... (

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United States

11 January 2006

Portland Press Herald (Maine), Column

He's no political scientist, but Mike Chitwood had no trouble making the call. Asked Monday how he thought he'd have fared in a race to become Maine's next governor, the former Portland police chief took quick aim and fired. In southern Maine, Chitwood replied, "Unbeatable." And … ahem … up north? "Because of my gun position," Chitwood said, "I could have a problem." And therein, fellow Mainers, is what slipped through our fingers with "Media Mike's" decision to... (

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11 January 2006

CTV News (Toronto)

The Boxing Day shooting death of a teenager on a major downtown Toronto street has made crime a front line issue in this election campaign. All three federal parties have unveiled their law and order platforms — and all include harsher punishments for criminals who commit gun-related crimes. The Liberals have been blamed by their opponents for allowing the number of gun crimes to grow over the past 12 years. But the Grits point to statistics that show murder... (

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