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Gun Policy News, 9 January 2006

United Kingdom

9 January 2006

Mirror (UK)

An army security guard, with convictions for gun crime and violence, was given the keys to the armoury at a barracks, it was revealed last night. Brian Winton, 45, had access to weapons at the Roussillon base in Chichester, West Sussex — home of the Royal Military Police. He looked after the rifles and ammunition used to train up to 200 soldiers for 15 months before his past was discovered. Winton was suspended on full pay after police checked his 10-page police... (

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United Nations

9 January 2006

Guardian (UK) / PA

Ministers have been urged to kickstart talks on an international arms trade treaty. The call, from the Control Arms Campaign, came as the UN launched its first major review of small arms controls in five years. The group says reports into the trade in Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Sierra Leone prove existing arms controls are powerless to protect civilians. The UN is holding talks this week to prepare the ground for a landmark conference on small arms... (

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9 January 2006

OTTAWA — Diane Berry ought to know a tough neighbourhood when she sees one. Before moving to Ottawa about six months ago, she lived for about a decade in Vancouver's East Side, an area that has grappled with drug use, HIV infection and prostitution. By comparison, the streets of the nation's capital seem downright serene. The 55-year-old federal public servant has no reservations about walking home late at night along Bank Street, Ottawa 's version of Yonge... (

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United States

9 January 2006

Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), Editorial

A move is afoot in the state Legislature to make it easier for people to shoot an attacker, even though Alaska's self-defense law is already quite liberal. As it now stands, you can use deadly force to repel an attacker under broad circumstances. You're free to kill someone who's threatening serious harm as long as you didn't start it, and as long as you don't know that you can retreat "with complete personal safety and with complete personal safety as to... (

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United States

9 January 2006

News-Sentinel (Fort Wayne) / AP

GARY, Indiana — Baptist ministers across northwestern Indiana are encouraging people to give up their guns by offering vouchers for groceries or clothing. Anyone who turns in a firearm to Gary police can take the receipt to one of a series of Baptist revivals and exchange it for one of the vouchers. Pastor Dwight Gardner of Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, the newly elected chairman of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Gary, said he began planning the gun... (

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United States

9 January 2006

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia)

Camo and ammo and mags. Oh, my. The Richmond Gun Show drew several thousand people to the Richmond Raceway Complex this weekend. "Great selection," promised ads. "Rifles, shotguns, handguns, modern and antique guns and knives." Wandering the aisles of a chilly exhibition hall yesterday morning, attendees browsed through some 240 tables of merchandise. And a couple of reporters from The Times-Dispatch who both grew up as preacher's kids were there to scope out the gun... (

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9 January 2006

News (Monrovia)

Recently a local radio station reported that the Government of Liberia has entered into an agreement with UNMIL to allow members of the newly trained police carry fire arms in order to assist their international counterparts fight crimes. The disclosure has triggered debate among ordinary people with some opposing and others in support. Last week this paper did a random sampling of views on the issue. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which has secured the... (

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United States

9 January 2006

North Country Gazette (New York)

ALBANY, New York — Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Codes Committee Chair Joseph Lentol announced Monday the Assembly passed a comprehensive package of bills aimed at stopping the type of gun violence that has taken the lives of some 7,000 New Yorkers since 1999. Calling for the Senate to set aside their "unwavering allegiance to the NRA and act in the best interest of New York's children and families," Silver said the Assembly planned to launch the opening day of... (

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