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Gun Policy News, 7 January 2006

United States

7 January 2006

New York Post

Ratcheting up the rhetoric in his recently declared war on guns, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday accused lawmakers who kowtow to the gun lobby of being cowards. Bloomberg continued an assault begun on Inauguration Day during his weekly radio show, tearing into Washington pols for limiting the scope of the National Tracing Center of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. "It shows the power of one advocacy organization and, I would argue, the cowardice of... (

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Canada,United States

7 January 2006

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

It was a busy week for the Toronto Police Service's gun and gang task force, already hard-pressed in helping investigate last year's record 52-gun related homicides, all but one involving a handgun. On Thursday, it announced that officers had seized a loaded .25-calibre pistol and ammunition and arrested two people. The same day, word came of police checking out a couple smoking marijuana in a car and finding, after a search of their vehicle and an apartment, eight... (

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United States

7 January 2006

Toronto Star (Ontario)

ORLANDO, Florida — Dozens of high-powered weapons that have flooded Toronto streets were stolen from a well-known gun collector and firearms instructor who kept his dangerous stash in a subsidized housing apartment in Scarborough. One of the guns taken from the apartment was used last September in one of the worst bloodbaths in the history of Toronto — a triple murder near the end of the Summer of the Gun, in a year marked by the worst gun violence the city has... (

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United States

7 January 2006

Boston Globe, Opinion

Given the huge number of easily accessible and virtually unregulated guns in the United States, it is surprising there aren't more than 30,000 gun deaths and 100,000 gun injuries each year. Most US cities have experienced an increase in gun violence, and this deadly trend is likely to continue until we enact uniform national gun laws that address easy access to guns by criminals and confront race, poverty, and the lack of economic opportunity in our poorest... (

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