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Gun Policy News, 28 October 2005

South Africa

28 October 2005

Independent (South Africa)

In a string of robberies, the notorious Stander Gang raided the Potshot Gun Academy, stealing thousands of rounds of ammunition and several guns. That was 22 years ago. On Thursday, the Potshot Gun Academy was raided again — but this time, those doing the raiding were not on the wrong side of the law. In Gauteng's biggest ammunition bust, police swooped on the gunshop, confiscating 700 000 rounds of ammunition, including four handgrenades, a mortar, gunpowder and... (

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United States

28 October 2005

Washington Times, Opinion

Gun-control advocates seemed so certain. When the federal assault-weapons ban expired on Sept. 13, 2004, gun crimes would surge dramatically. Sarah Brady, a leading gun-control advocate, warned it would "arm our kids with Uzis and AK-47s" and "fill" our streets with the weapons. Sen. Charles Schumer ratcheted up the rhetoric, labeling the banned guns "the weapons of choice for terrorists." Not only would murder rise, but especially firearm murders. Murder and robbery... (

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28 October 2005

ABC News (Australia)

The deputy leader of the Western Australian Liberal Party has been found guilty of a criminal charge arising from an incident in which his son was shot. Member for Warren Blackwood, Paul Omodei, was found guilty of failing to ensure his loaded gun was safe when he was hunting rabbits on the family's Pemberton property in October last year. Mr Omodei shot his 33-year-old son in the hand in what they both maintain was an accident. Magistrate Paul Heaney said Mr... (

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United States

28 October 2005

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

Gabriel Brooks, charged with murder in an apparently accidental shooting that killed a sleeping baby in an adjoining apartment, is "a good kid, distraught and remorseful," his attorney said Thursday. Atlanta police say a bullet from a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol ripped through the wall of Jantisha Hambrick's bedroom in her Cleveland Avenue S.E. apartment shortly before 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. The shot struck her 8-month-old son, Terry Arnold Jr., in the chest as he lay in... (

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United States

28 October 2005

WSMV-TV News (Nashville)

Metro Police destroyed more than a thousand weapons Thursday morning in hopes of keeping them out of the wrong hands. The guns were confiscated by officers, and they say most of them are connected to criminal activity. The weapons were loaded into junk cars and sent through a grinder which reduced them to tiny pieces of metal. "The fact is none of these guns will be used to harm anybody ever again. But I'm afraid this is just a drop in the bucket from the guns that... (

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Ghana,West Africa

28 October 2005

News in Ghana

Ghana is to host an international conference on Small Arms and Light Weapons from November 14 to November 18 this year in Accra aimed at developing a strategic plan to address the menace of proliferation of small arms in the West Africa Sub-Region. The conference, which is to be organised by the Ministry of the Interior in collaboration with the Ghana National Commission on Small Arms would attract about 150 participants. They are to be drawn from the US, Togo,... (

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28 October 2005

CHQR Radio (Calgary)

CALGARY, Alberta — Calgary's police chief wants to make it tougher for street gang members to use firing ranges to improve their gun skills. Jack Beaton says with gang-related violence rising across Alberta, criminals shouldn't be given a chance to practice their aim. Beaton says undercover officers recently arrested a gang member at a firing range who was under a 10-year firearms ban. The case is still before the courts. Beaton says he's asked provincial... (

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United States

28 October 2005

Reason (USA), Opinion

When the House of Representatives voted to prohibit lawsuits that blame gun manufacturers for crimes committed with their products, only four Republicans opposed the bill. Three of them were reliable supporters of gun control, but the fourth, Ron Paul of Texas, is a self-described "firm believer in the Second Amendment" who has received high ratings from the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America. What led Paul to join his anti-gun colleagues in voting... (

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United Kingdom

28 October 2005

BBC News

A computer technician who bought and sold replica handguns via his website has been jailed for three years. Andrew Phillips, 21, of Lauriston Drive, Old Basford, Nottingham, advertised pistols on his website. He admitted seven firearms offences and asked for 46 similar charges to be considered at Nottingham Crown Court. The court heard he was caught when a shipment of the potentially dangerous weapons was intercepted by customs officials in Dover in October 2004.... (

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United States

28 October 2005

Daily Courier (Arizona)

PRESCOTT — Judy Dutko, Jane Anne Hulen and Christy Foote believe the Second Amendment guarantees people the right to defend themselves. And they exercise that right in their daily lives. To abide by Arizona gun laws, these women have obtained concealed-weapon permits to be able to carry their guns in their purses, for example. In 2003, more than 13,500 women had concealed weapons permits, 20 percent of the total, according to a 2004 Arizona Republic review of... (

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United States

28 October 2005

Tribune-Democrat (Pennsylvania), Editorial

It was something we never believed we would see in the United States: Armed police and National Guardsmen taking firearms from law-abiding citizens — at gunpoint. This happened in New Orleans, beginning about 11 days after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city and other Gulf Coast areas. Not only did it happen, but the officers and soldiers weren't very gentle about it. For whatever reason, local officials decided that even lightly hit residential areas had to be... (

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