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Gun Policy News, 27 October 2005

United States

27 October 2005

Journal-News (Ohio)

LEBANON, Ohio — Ohio's cities should be able to pass more-restrictive gun laws than those passed by the state Legislature, attorneys for Cincinnati argued before the state Supreme Court on Wednesday. "The whole purpose of local law is to take care of local needs," attorney Charles Rubenstein told the court in one of its twice-a-year sessions outside of Columbus. "What may be appropriate out on the farm is not appropriate in downtown Cincinnati." Cincinnati is... (

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27 October 2005

Trinidad and Tobago Express

Last Sunday in Brazil, a country with the second-highest rate of gun deaths on the planet, almost two-thirds of Brazilians voted against a total ban on the sale of firearms. Explain that. Brazil loses 38,000 people a year in gun-related killings. That is twice as bad as the United States, generally regarded as the industry leader in these matters: the US has one and a half times Brazil's population, but only 30,000 Americans are shot to death each year. In Brazil,... (

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United States

27 October 2005

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

A bullet had torn through Terry Arnold Jr.'s tiny chest, yet the 8-month-old stared in his mother's eyes during a frantic ambulance ride Wednesday morning. "He was holding my finger," Jantisha Hambrick recalled. "I kept screaming his name. I didn't want him to go to sleep. "I'd call his name when he got quiet. He'd cry, but it got lower and lower." The baby didn't make it. Terry died shortly before 3 p.m. after hours of emergency surgery at Grady Memorial Hospital, a... (

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27 October 2005

Bangkok Post

Her Majesty the Queen has suggested that self-defence training be provided for local residents living around a Buddhist temple in Pattani where an elderly monk and two temple boys were brutally murdered on October 16. Gen Napol Boonthap, the deputy aide-de-camp, has been asked to coordinate with the army to provide the training in self-defence to locals living near Wat Phromprasit in Panare district. The Queen gave her advice on weapons training on October 24 when... (

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United States

27 October 2005

Christian Science Monitor, Opinion

BERKELEY, California — Congress has just passed legislation providing special protection from liability lawsuits for the gun industry. This may seem like a win for people concerned about ridiculous legal claims and outrageous financial awards as well as for the gun industry. One often hears the complaint of "too many frivolous lawsuits." It fits in with the mythic suspicion of trial lawyers and is sometimes true. But a tragic incident many years ago has given me a... (

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27 October 2005

Edmonton Journal (Alberta)

EDMONTON — Justice ministers across the country will ponder next month an Ottawa proposal to sue U.S. gun manufacturers as part of a strategy to curb the movement of illegal firearms across the border. Federal Justice Minister Irwin Cotler made the suggestion earlier this week, saying more than half the guns used in homicides in Canada originate in the United States. "If, by doing it, we would hold accountable gun manufacturers and thereby more effectively combat... (

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Canada,United States

27 October 2005

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Paul Martin incorrectly blamed the United States for gun crime in Canada by using an unsubstantiated figure to assert that 50 per cent of this country's gun crimes involve smuggled firearms, U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins said yesterday. Mr. Wilkins said that Canadian officials admitted in meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week "that that figure was just grabbed out of thin air." He insisted the Canadian government... (

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United States

27 October 2005

Chicago Tribune / AP

SPRINGFIELD — Continuing a string of legislative successes for gun owners, the Illinois Senate on Thursday backed a statewide standard for transporting firearms, despite the governor's veto and law enforcement objections. The Senate voted 38-20 Thursday to override the veto of a measure that would end local governments' authority to restrict how guns can be transported through their communities. Gov. Rod Blagojevich rejected the idea this summer, saying individual... (

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South Africa

27 October 2005

News24 (Cape Town)

JOHANNESBURG — Police found thousands of firearm cartridges, hand grenades, gunpowder and teargas among cat food, meal, cardboard boxes, and even a frozen parrot and eight-year-old frozen meat. They were raiding a warehouse in Strijdom Park in the west of Johannesburg while clamping down on the shop of a weapons dealer. "We undertake routine inspections of weapons dealers' premises in the wake of the new weapons act," said senior superintendant Mary Martins... (

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South Africa

27 October 2005

Independent (South Africa)

South Africa has one of the highest rates of gun violence in the world, with more than 100 000 people dying of bullet wounds between 1994 and 2004, according to a Gun Free South Africa (GFSA) report. And women are being killed at the rate of one a day by an intimate partner with a gun. The report, The Proliferation of Firearms in South Africa, 1994-2004, is by GFSA's national advocacy manager, Margy Keegan, and was commissioned and funded by Oxfam Canada. It does... (

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United States

27 October 2005

Albany Times-Union (New York), Opinion

In the controversy surrounding President Bush's judicial nominees, the administration and its Republican supporters have insisted that courts should stick to applying the law and leave policymaking to democratically elected legislatures. Law and politics — the argument goes — should not be mixed. The gun industry immunity bill headed for President Bush's desk, however, violates this principle by injecting politics into private lawsuits. Those who really care about... (

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United States

27 October 2005

San Francisco Chronicle, Editorial

What we said: "What the bill would do is preclude the possibility of lawsuits, such as the one brought by families of six victims of the Washington, D.C., sniper against a gun dealer who 'lost' more than 200 guns — including the assault rifle used by the sniper. It would have blocked the lawsuit brought by San Francisco and 11 other California cities that forced five industry defendants accused of supplying illicit markets to agree to change their ways in a 2003... (

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27 October 2005

Toronto Star (Ontario), Editorial

Paul Martin's intentions may be good, but they are probably just political. Either way, his demands on the U.S. to control guns are a waste of time. Using his meeting with American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to raise the issue, the Prime Minister believes that a lack of control south of the border means guns are finding their way here and into the hands of the wrong people. Pointing to statistics that show 50 per cent of gun crimes in Canada are committed... (

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United States

27 October 2005

Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus)

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Former Gov. Don Siegelman is getting to do something that most people under indictment can't do: carry a gun. At Siegelman's arraignment Thursday on government corruption charges, U.S. Magistrate Charles Coody told Siegelman that his indictment would prevent him from carrying a firearm. Siegelman and his attorney, Doug Jones, asked Coody to reconsider. Jones explained that when Siegelman served as state attorney general from 1983-1991, he... (

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Ghana,West Africa

27 October 2005

Daily Mail (Accra)

The Minister of Interior Papa Owusu-Ankomah, has said that despite measures taken by the government to control small arms in the country, there is still in existence, thousands of illicit arms circulating in Ghana. He said the effects of this is evidenced by the increased use of small arms in armed robbery, hijacking of vehicles, cross-border crime, ethnic, chieftaincy, land and other conflicts. Papa Owusu-Ankomah was speaking during the launch of the International... (

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Papua New Guinea

27 October 2005

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

More than 10 factory-made firearms and 40 home-made guns were surrendered to law and justice authorities in Bulolo, Morose Province last Friday. Also surrendered at a ceremony held in Gawapu village, outside Bulolo, were marijuana plants and home-brew equipment. A jail escapee who has been on the run for seven years also surrendered to the authorities. Village leaders told the authorities the escapee had returned to his home, had married, had a child and became a... (

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