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Gun Policy News, 19 October 2005


19 October 2005

Tehran Times / CHN

TEHRAN — Despite previous promises of issuing hunting permits by the end of summer, the only permits issued in most provinces of Iran are those for birds and angling. In none of the provinces, hunting permits for quadruped have been issued yet. Mohamad Alavi, director of Control and Inspection Office of Department of Environment of North Khorasan province, says that in this province, hunting permits are issued just for non-marine birds and angling; most of the... (

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United Kingdom

19 October 2005

Evening Standard (London)

An intensive search is continuing after a second soldier lost a firearm within a week. An SA80 assault rifle went missing during an army exercise in Pembrokeshire's Brecon Beacons, the Ministry of Defence confirmed. It reportedly belonged to a sergeant major in 14 Signals Regiment who was taking part in the training with 900 other soldiers. The exercise was suspended when officers realised the weapon — capable of firing 700 rounds a minute — had been lost on... (

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United States

19 October 2005

Newsday (New York), Editorial

Confronted with a clear choice — protect the firearms industry or protect victims of gun violence — Congress is poised to side with the gun trade. In a shameful display of special-interest politics, the Senate voted in August to make it all but impossible to sue gun makers or firearms dealers for any role they may play in putting guns into the hands of criminals. The House will have a chance to derail this misguided legislation when it comes up for a vote there... (

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United States

19 October 2005

Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber (Washington State)

David Estes says he is talking to gun-rights organizations about taking on Vashon Island Fire & Rescue's weapons ban policy. The state Court of Appeals earlier this month upheld a King County Superior Court ruling that sided with the fire district and agreed with its policy banning weapons from all its buildings, including Station 55 and the Penny Farcy Memorial Building where commissioners meet. Estes argued that the district's policy violated state laws and the... (

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United States

19 October 2005

CBS News (USA), Opinion

If you are reading this column at work, don't panic, but I do have troubling news: your right to bring a gun to work may be in jeopardy. Yes, your capacity to defend yourself from that jerk in human resources may, just may, be going the way of the typewriter. But there is something you can do to stop the march of wimphood and protect your Second Amendment rights: don't buy gas from Conoco. Here's the deal: Three years ago 12 workers at a Weyerhauser Co. paper... (

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United States

19 October 2005

KGET-TV News (California)

BAKERSFIELD — Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle is a fun children's cartoon, but it carries a serious message according to District Attorney Ed Jagels. "We want to gun-proof the child by teaching him what to do if he finds a gun," Jagels said. Jagels says traditionally the DA's offices wait around for tragedies to happen before they go into action. But when it comes to gun safety, he wants to take a pro-active approach. They are partnering with the Kern County... (

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19 October 2005

Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

In legal terms, they are toys; in the wrong hands, say some law enforcement officials, they are potential killers and should be controlled. But as the National Police Agency is discovering, ensuring the safe use of air guns is easier said than done. With more than 20 air gun attacks in the last two months, prefectural police nationwide have been ordered by the NPA to track souped up versions. But with no regulations or registering system for air guns, police have... (

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United States

19 October 2005

Sacramento Bee (California) / AP

SANTA ANA, California — A judge dismissed one of the state's largest gun possession cases, drawing the ire of Orange County prosecutors who say they will appeal the ruling. Judge Frank P. Briseno ruled last week that the state Department of Justice's Firearms Division used protected information to get a search warrant for Andy Sun's business and residence. Sun, 49, was indicted last year on 55 felony counts of possession and sale of illegal assault... (

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19 October 2005

BBC News / Crossing Continents on BBC Radio 4

When I met Gustavo Masariegos in the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security hospital (IGSS), it was eight months since he had been shot. He lifted his head from the pillow to show me the scar on his neck where the bullet entered, and in a split second transformed his life. Gustavo is now a quadriplegic. Before two men tried to kill him on the street, Gustavo was a judge with 12 years experience under his belt. And this was not a random attack. In the first few... (

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United States

19 October 2005

News & Observer (North Carolina) / AP

CHINO, California — An Orange County sheriff's reserve deputy was ordered to trial for allegedly pulling a gun on two slow-playing golfers and threatening them at Los Serranos Golf & Country Club. Witnesses said Raymond Yi, 44, pointed a gun at the golfers and flashed his sheriff's badge during the July incident. "When I saw him cock his gun, something fell out and my mouth dropped. I couldn't believe this was happening on a golf course," said golfer Marcelo... (

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United States

19 October 2005

Houston Chronicle (Texas) / AP

NEW YORK — Sticky Fingaz, the rapper turned actor, has been arrested on a charge that he left an unlicensed handgun in a Manhattan hotel room, police said. The performer, whose real name is Kirk Jones, surrendered to police Tuesday morning. He was in custody that evening and was awaiting arraignment on one count of criminal weapon possession. Police said Jones checked out of the Flatotel, a Manhattan luxury hotel, Monday night. Hotel staff found a 9mm pistol in the... (

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19 October 2005


BILENE — Mozambique blew up thousands of guns and landmines on Wednesday in the biggest single act of destruction of arms in an 11-year-old programme to rid the region of its civil war-era weapons. The huge explosion destroyed some 3,400 rifles, mines, rocket launchers and other weapons, sending shrapnel high into the air in a blast that could be felt by journalists 2 km (1.25 miles) from the site near Bilene, north of the capital Maputo. Mozambique launched... (

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United States

19 October 2005

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Federal agents Tuesday arrested a man they say manufactured illegal machine guns and helped supply automatic weapons to a Seattle-based gun ring run by a neo-Nazi. Ghassan Haddad — the gunsmith who is accused of working with neo-Nazi Keith Gilbert and others to peddle automatic weapons at gun shows and from a house in Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood — was arrested in Southern California. He is facing three federal felony charges in U.S. District Court in Seattle:... (

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United States

19 October 2005

Hartford Courant (Connecticut), Editorial

Time is running out to derail a piece of gun lunacy making its way through Congress. National Rifle Association lobbyists are using their considerable clout to push an extraordinary bill that would give the gun industry broad immunity from civil lawsuits. No other industry enjoys such protection. The Senate approved the NRA-backed measure 65-31 this summer, swayed by the dubious argument that it would protect gun manufacturers and dealers from frivolous lawsuits. The... (

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United States

19 October 2005

Macon Telegraph (Georgia)

WARNER ROBINS — It's still legal for Houston County residents to fire a gun on their property without their neighbor's permission — for now. Houston County commissioners held off on approving an ordinance Tuesday that would ban residents from firing a gun within 300 feet of an occupied building. The standing-room-only crowd broke into applause when the commission unanimously decided to table the measure. "That's politics at work — public input," Commissioner... (

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Cayman Islands

19 October 2005

Caribbean Net News

GEORGE TOWN — Persons found with illegal guns in the Cayman Islands will have to spend no less than 10 years behind bars before any possibility of release, according to a soon to be implemented change to the local Firearms Law. Piloting the amendments to the Firearms Law in the Legislative Assembly, the Attorney General, Sam Bulgin indicated that Government is seeking to put the strongest possible restraint on persons found in illegal possession of weapons. This... (

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United States

19 October 2005

New York Times

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives this afternoon postponed action for a day on a bill that would be a cherished victory for the National Rifle Association: a measure shielding gun manufacturers and dealers from liability lawsuits. The House bill, identical to one passed by the Senate on July 29, would prohibit lawsuits against gun makers and distributors for misuse of their products during the commission of a crime. The House had been scheduled to vote this... (

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United States

19 October 2005

Bakersfield Californian

Jeff Jagels' incessant singing of a gun safety jingle basically sold the program to thousands of Kern County kindergarteners. The 6-year-old son of District Attorney Ed Jagels fell in love with the National Rifle Association's Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program. Jagels said Wednesday that an investigator gave him the animated tape. When Jagels eventually showed it to his son, he was surprised by Jeff's reaction. "He wanted to watch it over and over again," Jagels said. If... (

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19 October 2005

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Radio (Accra), Transcript

ACCRA — Commonwealth law ministers at their meeting in Accra have identified the proliferation of small arms and light weapons as having a direct impact on law and order. They said it undermines respect for international humanitarian law and fuels criminal activity. This is contained in a communique issued at the end of the meeting. Commonwealth heads of government have consistently voiced deep concern over the proliferation of small arms, ammunitions and light... (

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19 October 2005


RIO DE JANEIRO — Voters in Brazil, which has the world's highest death toll from guns, will reject a ban on firearms sales in an upcoming referendum, according to a poll published on Wednesday. Some 52 percent of nearly 2,000 people surveyed in 11 cities would vote "no" to the ban and 34 percent "yes", the poll by Toledo and Associates said. A further 10 percent were undecided. The survey shows a swing away from sentiment in favor of a ban in this country where... (

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