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Gun Policy News, 18 October 2005

United States

18 October 2005

New York Times, Editorial

Three years ago, the nation's capital region lived in fear of a pair of snipers who killed 10 people and wounded three in random attacks with a Bushmaster XM-15 .223-caliber telescopic rifle — a gleaming civilian version of the Army's basic M-16 assault rifle popular with recreational shooters. In the aftermath, the rifle was traced to a shoddy gun dealer who claimed he somehow "lost" that war weapon and some 200 other guns to the underground market. Victimized... (

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United States

18 October 2005

Tampa Tribune (Florida)

TALLAHASSEE — A new chapter in the old debate over gun control is starting to unfold in Florida, and part of the story is tucked away in Shari Kotsch's purse. Kotsch, a Pasco County resident who works from home, decided to apply for a concealed weapons license about six months ago. "My husband and I both signed up for the class," she said, in part because she always felt like an "easy target" in a world that's "going crazy." Now, Kotsch takes her pistol everywhere.... (

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18 October 2005

El Nuevo Herald (Miami) / AP

[Translated summary: New report cites official estimate of 4.49 million guns in Mexico, with 1 in 6 homes armed. Unofficial estimates count more than 15 million guns. Rebecca Peters of IANSA says small arms kill more people than other weapons of mass destruction]. MEXICO — México carece de un control y registro efectivo de las armas ligeras que existen en el territorio, con lo cual se corre el riesgo de que aumenten los accidentes, suicidios y la inseguridad,... (

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South Africa

18 October 2005

News24 (Cape Town)

CAPE TOWN — Firearms — most of them illegal — are used in a third of cases where women die. In half of these deaths, the women's intimate partners murdered them, said Dr Naeema Abrahams of the Medical Research Council's (MRC) gender and health research unit on Monday at the third South African conference on gender violence and health. She said firearms in South Africa are not used for protection. Men use them against their intimate partners and often against... (

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United States

18 October 2005

Lynchburg News & Advance (Virginia), Editorial

In at least one respect, the York County School Board is no different from any other school board in Virginia. Its members would just as soon have school patrons or any other county residents, for that matter, leave their firearms at home on meeting nights. And never mind that the person carrying the firearm — in this case a .45-caliber pistol strapped to his hip — has a permit to carry the weapon. The situation came up last month in Yorktown when a county... (

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United States

18 October 2005

News & Observer (North Carolina)

Patricia Tucker thinks the young man who shot her husband wasn't the only one responsible for his death. So she's suing the gun shop that sold the shotgun that killed Mark Tucker, a Wake County sheriff's deputy. Tucker, in conjunction with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, filed a lawsuit Monday in Wake County Superior Court alleging that through negligence, Cary Jewelry & Pawn helped arm Matthew Charles Grant, a convicted felon who wasn't supposed to have a... (

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