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Gun Policy News, 17 October 2005

United Kingdom

17 October 2005

Evening Standard (London)

A soldier's weapon has been missing for two days after it was left in a supermarket toilet during a military exercise, it has emerged. An army captain put her waistband holster on top of the cistern in a disabled loo during an exercise on Saturday evening and then left it behind, the Sun reported. The captain, who is reportedly based at barracks in Chicksands, Bedfordshire, soon realised her blunder and rushed back to get the pistol from the Sainsbury's store in... (

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United Kingdom

17 October 2005

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

People living in the poorest communities are six times more likely to be murdered than those in the richest neighbourhoods, a report has found. But surprisingly, guns are involved in a larger proportion of murders in well-to-do areas than in poorer ones. Britons are also almost 200 times more likely to be murdered than win the National Lottery, the report said. The study by academics from the Crime and Society Foundation said: "You are 176 times more likely to be... (

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United States

17 October 2005

Billings Gazette (Montana) / AP

CHEYENNE — Willing to give up your guns? A new poster campaign is warning Wyoming residents that a domestic violence conviction might force them to give up their cherished weapons. The posters unveiled Friday read, "It's like this … beat a woman, lose your guns." "Some men value their guns more than their partner and children," said Sean Brazzale, of the Wyoming attorney general's division of victims services. Last year in Wyoming, more than 5,000 women asked... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

17 October 2005

BBC News

Relatives of those killed in the 1996 Dunblane massacre have expressed anger that a firearms database promised in 1997 has still not been set up. Parliament agreed to the measure after Thomas Hamilton killed 16 children and a teacher at Dunblane Primary School. Mick North, whose five-year-old daughter Sophie was killed, said: "I … find it very surprising this hasn't been up and running for years." The Home Office said "technical issues" had delayed the roll-out... (

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United States

17 October 2005

Kennebec Journal (Maine)

UNITY — The image of shotgun-carrying students in camouflage leisurely strolling across campus might not fit with the common perception of "America's Environmental College." Yet a significant segment of Unity College students consider themselves pro-gun — at least 20 percent of the 500 students own and regularly use firearms. More than 100 students checked their guns in the Public Safety building this year, and many use them on at least a weekly basis, according to... (

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United States

17 October 2005

Anchorage Daily News (Alaska) / AP

JUNEAU — Starting Wednesday, handgun owners won't need permits to carry concealed weapons in the seven Alaska cities where permits are still required. That same day, there will be no more restrictions on keeping a firearm in a vehicle — even if the car is parked on private property where the owner has a no-gun policy. The thrust of Alaska's new anti-gun control law is this: Municipalities will be barred from passing gun laws that are more restrictive than state... (

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United States

17 October 2005

Baton Rouge Advocate (Louisiana), Editorial

The last thing we need in Louisiana right now is Washington interest groups making trouble over practical decisions in an unprecedented national crisis. The National Rifle Association is miffed at federal and local authorities because guns were banned in the Baker travel trailer park housing hurricane evacuees. Those people need homes, and security is going to be provided. They're living in flimsy trailers. An accidental discharge of a firearm might result in a bullet... (

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17 October 2005


LAGOS — A large quantity of bullets for AK-47 and FN rifles have been stolen from a Nigerian army armory in the country's commercial city Lagos, Nigeria's private Daily Sun newspaper reported Monday. But army spokesman Alade Dabiri denied the story, telling Xinhua that "it's not true." The newspaper however quoted "a key military source" as saying that the ammunition, including 7.6mm and 9mm, which can be fired from AK-47 and FN rifles, commonly used in the... (

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United States

17 October 2005

News Herald (North Carolina)

RALEIGH, North Carolina — The widow of a Wake County sheriff's deputy shot and killed last year filed a lawsuit Monday accusing the pawn shop that sold the weapon of negligence. Patricia Tucker's lawsuit is receiving help from the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which has filed five similar cases in local courts across the United States this year, spokesman Zach Ragbourn said. "I just want the violence to stop. I want law enforcement protected," Patricia... (

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United States

17 October 2005

Augusta Free Press (Virginia)

The National Rifle Association's endorsement of Republican Party gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore was based in part on Kilgore's endorsement of efforts to repeal Virginia's one-gun-a-month law. Democratic Party candidate Tim Kaine does not support the idea of turning back the clock on one-gun-a-month — and he's not alone in thinking that way. "Repealing Virginia's one-handgun-a-month law would be a stupid thing to do, because it only keeps guns out of the hands... (

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