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Gun Policy News, 1 October 2005


1 October 2005

Washington Post Foreign Service

RIO DE JANEIRO — As she walked home through the twisting, narrow passageways that honeycomb the large hillside slum of Rocinha, Denise do Espirito Santo spotted a young man following her. She recognized him as a drug dealer, part of an armed gang that holds sway over much of the neighborhood, but she wasn't afraid. When she reached home, she said, she waved goodbye to him and stepped through the door she had left unlocked while shopping. "The dealers watch out for... (

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United States,United Kingdom

1 October 2005

Independent (UK)

It is one of the most popular destinations with Britons looking for sunshine and glamour, but tourists thinking of going to Florida are being warned off by a US gun-control group. The Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence, named for a Reagan aide who was shot in the head during an assassination attempt on his boss, has released a series of adverts telling would-be tourists they could be putting their lives at risk because of new laws which come into force today,... (

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United States

1 October 2005

Los Angeles Times

MIAMI — Welcome to Florida, the Sunshine State. Please avoid unnecessary arguments with locals. Starting today, they may be more inclined to shoot you — at least that's essentially the message from a national gun-control organization as a Florida law goes into effect empowering people who feel threatened to use force, including firearms, to protect themselves. Before, if possible, they were supposed to back down or run away. "It's unlike any supposed self-defense... (

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1 October 2005

Canadian Press

OTTAWA — A website that generated fake Canadian gun registrations continued to operate for more than a year after federal officials tried to shut it down. A file from the website, registered in the United States, allowed visitors to fill in and print reproductions of Canadian firearms registration certificates. Documents obtained through the Access to Information Act show that the government agency responsible for gun control knew about the website early last... (

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1 October 2005

Windsor Star (Ontario)

Four teens charged with committing a home invasion last week are members of Toronto street gangs who came to Windsor armed with a loaded machine pistol, handguns, a sawed-off shotgun and bullet-proof vests, police say. One of the vests is stamped property of the Toronto Police Service. Windsor police Det. Bill Donnelly said Toronto cops are trying to trace the vest to figure out how and when it left their possession. The other vest has had its identification tag... (

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United States

1 October 2005

San Francisco Chronicle

Alameda County's ban on possessing guns at the county fairgrounds may be unconstitutional, a federal judge has ruled in a lawsuit challenging what effectively is a ban on gun shows. Having guns at gun shows can be constitutionally protected "expressive conduct," a form of free speech under the First Amendment, U.S. District Judge Martin Jenkins said in an order Tuesday, rejecting the county's motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by gun-show promoters Russell and Sallie... (

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United States

1 October 2005

Tallahassee Democrat

A new Florida law that kicks in today is getting national attention but drawing yawns from its supporters at home who say little will change. Deadly force can be used without fear of prosecution if victims fear for life and limb. No longer must Floridians make efforts to avoid or escape danger before using deadly force. It's called the stand-your-ground law, and it was passed by the Legislature in April — at the behest of the National Rifle Association — and... (

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United States

1 October 2005

Oakland Tribune (California)

Gun enthusiasts were handed a legal victory this week when a federal judge ruled they can argue that their free-speech rights are violated by an Alameda County ordinance that bans guns on county property. In a ruling issued Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Martin J. Jenkins cleared the way for a new First Amendment challenge to the 1999 ordinance. County attorneys had asked the judge to dismiss the challenge, arguing that the gun ban is a public safety issue... (

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United States

1 October 2005

Florida Bar Journal

"Rose Mary Hollifield is able to walk, talk, and function despite the bullet buried deep within her brain." (1) Rose Mary is both a victim and a survivor of domestic violence. In 1997, she was trying to escape her violent marriage, when her husband, Donald Vick, pulled in front of her car and shot a bullet through the window into her left temple. Unfortunately, this tragedy was predictable. It was predictable because there were "red flags" indicating that Vick was... (

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