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Gun Policy News, 4 January 2005

United States

4 January 2005

Editor and Publisher (USA)

NEW YORK — A Gallup Poll released this morning reveals that the average American owns 1.7 guns, with the average gun owner possessing 4.4 of them. The press is quick to promote stereotypes of the average gun owner as a white male, most likely Republican, living in a rural area or the South. But how well does reality match the image? The new Gallup Poll shows that the stereotype is not that far off, but with several twists. For one thing, one out of three American... (

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United States

4 January 2005

New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — California has become the first state to ban a powerful .50-caliber long-range rifle that gun control advocates portray as a military firearm that could easily fall into the hands of terrorists bent on assassination or shooting down an airplane. Under the ban, which was signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in September and took effect on Jan. 1, it is now illegal to manufacture, sell, distribute or import a weapon known as the .50-caliber... (

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United States

4 January 2005

Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — In a story sent Dec. 15, The Associated Press described a proposed ballot initiative on a weapons ban in San Francisco. The story should have specified that the ban would apply only to handguns of private individuals. Other firearms such as sport rifles could be kept by private owners in the city. A separate provision of the proposed initiative was described as a ban on the sale, manufacture and distribution of handguns in San Francisco. Instead, it... (

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United States

4 January 2005

Daily Nonpareil (Iowa)

According to Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence, 90 percent of guns used in crimes can be traced back to where there wasn't any background check on the purchaser. This is according to a 2002 federal study, said John Johnson, director of IPGV. Unlicensed gun sellers are not required to perform background checks on the buyers, he said, and the IPGV wants the Legislature to change that. Specially, the IPGV proposes legislation that would require a criminal... (

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