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Gun Policy News, 12 October 2004

Sri Lanka

12 October 2004

Daily News (Sri Lanka)

A National Commission on Firearms entrusted with the task of formulating a national policy on the regulation of small firearms in the country will be appointed by President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga this week. Public Order and Internal Security Ministry Secretary Tilak Ranaviraja told the media yesterday that the Commission will carry out a study of firearms in circulation and look into all aspects of the management of firearms in Sri Lanka. The Commission... (

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United Kingdom

12 October 2004

BBC News

A former US police boss has urged a crackdown on gun crime in Britain before it spirals out of control. Paul Evans, now a Home Office civil servant, said the nation's gun culture is small compared to the US. But during an address to a Commons select committee on Tuesday, he said immediate action was vital to keep it that way. Mr Evans spoke after the murder of 14-year-old Danielle Beccan and the shooting of a baby girl in London. 'Nip it in the bud' Danielle... (

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United States

12 October 2004

New York Times

A top national law firm is joining New York City's landmark case that claims the firearms industry is responsible for gun crimes, replacing another major firm that stopped representing the city after at least one of its corporate clients complained about its role in the suit. The entry of the new law firm for the city, Thelen Reid & Priest, is to be made in a court filing today, city lawyers said yesterday. Thelen Reid, like the city's prior legal ally, Weil, Gotshal &... (

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12 October 2004

Times (UK)

Iraqis handed in hundreds of rocket-launchers, heavy machineguns, mortars and sniper rifles at three police stations in Baghdad yesterday, on the first day of an arms amnesty intended to bring peace to the city's most violent district. It was unclear, however, whether the handover represented a genuine effort to disarm by the country's biggest armed militia, or simply a cash bonanza for the city's underground arms dealers. Government officials said that by early... (

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United States

12 October 2004

Associated Press

Three times a week, The Associated Press picks an issue and asks President Bush and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry a question about it. Today's question and responses: GUNS: Should the federal government require background checks for buyers at gun shows? Bush: "I believe the instant check system is the best way to keep criminals from buying guns at gun shows and I support changing federal law to give gun show sponsors special access to the National... (

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United States

12 October 2004

New York Times / AP

JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri — A judge has ruled that requiring St. Louis County to issue concealed gun permits to its residents would impose an unconstitutional cost on the county government. St. Louis County, home to nearly one of every five Missourians, filed suit after the state Supreme Court in February upheld the Legislature's right to legalize concealed guns, but found the law's funding mechanism could be illegal in certain instances. The law, adopted last year,... (

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12 October 2004

Kenora Daily Miner and News (Ontario), Column

Feedback is good. As a column writer I put forward my opinion on a twice-weekly basis on any number of topics. I'm always interested in how others view my opinions — whether they agree or disagree with it doesn't matter so much as whether they've read it and what they think about the issue. The feedback I get runs the gamut from brief comments by passersby, to longer tet-a-tets at the grocery store, to phone calls and e-mails, and letters to the editor. The latter... (

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