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Gun Policy News, 6 October 2004

United States

6 October 2004

Christian Science Monitor, Editorial

The District of Columbia again has the nation's highest murder rate, according to FBI statistics. It's held the title of Murder Capital, USA, for 14 of the past 15 years. That alone makes last week's House of Representatives vote to overturn a 1976 ban on guns in Washington, D.C., that much more egregious. Never mind that Congress allowed the nationwide assault weapons ban to expire a few weeks ago. The legislation, called the D.C. Personal Protection Act, passed... (

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United States

6 October 2004

Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS — In a new twist on the idea of concealed weapons, a local gun maker and gun shop are debuting a new type of firearm: one that could almost fit in your wallet. It's a two-shot weapon made from a piece of metal the height and width of a standard credit card, and about a half-inch thick. Each barrel fires seven standard steel BBs. It will retail for $100. "This I can see being the ultimate self-defense weapon," said Mark Koscielski, owner of Koscielski's... (

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United States

6 October 2004

Boston Herald

Hundreds of people who lied on their applications for gun permits in Massachusetts and dozens of corrupt gun dealers have gone unpunished by federal officials, according to a blistering new study. The study, commissioned by a Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group, ranks the Bay State a dismal 47th in the nation in prosecuting felons who possess firearms or who committed a violent felony with a firearm from 2000 to 2003. Some 245 such felons were prosecuted in the... (

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United States

6 October 2004

Sydney Morning Herald, Editorial

To outsiders, the enduring power of the gun lobby is one of the more disconcerting features of the political culture of the United States. It has been demonstrated again during the presidential campaign — though the attention of the American public quickly moved on, caught up in the frenetic pace of electioneering. Arms manufacturers and their clients have been able to celebrate, thanks to congressional and presidential default, the reversal of one of the few... (

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United States

6 October 2004


LOS ANGELES — California's attorney general wants to crack down on gun violence by laser-branding all handgun bullets sold in the state with tiny identification numbers nearly invisible to the naked eye. The controversial proposal could open the way for the next major debate over gun control in California, a state that already has some of the toughest such laws in the United States. Attorney General Bill Lockyer is expected to discuss his proposal at a meeting on... (

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Trinidad & Tobago

6 October 2004

Newsday (Trinidad & Tobago)

Officers of the Western Division Task Force were high in praise for the creation of "Operation Hotspot," a vision of Police Commissioner Trevor Paul, which has so far yielded seven illegal guns and caches of ammunition in the last six weeks in the division. On Monday night, three men were held in Cocorite with a 9 mm pistol, three rounds of 9mm ammunition and a shotgun. According to reports, PCs Harris, Thomas and WPC Davidson, led by PC Juman, were on patrol along the... (

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United States

6 October 2004

Chicago Sun-Times

None of the city's nearly 3 million citizens got shot Monday. And nobody got murdered. Police Supt. Phil Cline said he was amazed when he woke up Tuesday morning, checked e-mails on his BlackBerry and found no news of any overnight shootings or killings. Not since 1999 has the city gone with zero homicides and zero aggravated batteries by firearm in a single day, a police spokesman said. Last year, Chicago tallied 600 killings and 3,013 aggravated batteries by... (

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