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Gun Policy News, 20 September 2004


20 September 2004


Kiev — Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office has ended investigation of a case, in which four nationals of Greece, Iraq and Pakistan are charged with organizing a permanent criminal grouping for purchases of large consignments of firearms and defense technologies to the tune of about 800 million U.S. dollars. The grouping supposedly planned to export that weaponry to Iraq, where it would be used against the forces of the U.S.-led coalition, said Sergei Rudenko, the... (

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South Africa

20 September 2004

South African Press Assocation (SAPA)

The government announced a special amnesty on Monday to encourage South Africans to surrender illegal firearms and ammunition. The amnesty would be in place from October 1 to December 29, Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula told reporters in Pretoria. Those wishing to take advantage of the opportunity should contact their nearest police station to arrange a handover. All firearms and ammunition collected at the end of the period would be destroyed. "Our... (

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United States,Japan

20 September 2004

Japan Times, Opinion

LONDON — The failure of Congress to renew a 10-year ban on the sale of assault rifles and other dangerous weapons may seem to politicians a simple price to pay to win the support of the National Rifle Association in the forthcoming presidential election. This powerful lobby is backing the re-election of President George W. Bush and considers bans on the sale of such weapons to be an infringement of the constitutional right of American citizens to bear arms. This is... (

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Papua New Guinea

20 September 2004

Post-Courier (Port Moresby), Editorial

The delay in staging the gun summit is unacceptable. Internal Security Minister Bire Kimisopa has made his views known that he wants the summit held quickly to deal with the most serious law and order problem affecting Papua New Guinea today — the use of guns in violent crimes against innocent people. Every aspect of our national life is affected by the presence of high-powered factory-made and home-made guns throughout the country that are in the hands of... (

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20 September 2004

Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Opinion

Japan has firmly stood by its three principles of arms exports that conform to the fundamental philosophy of the Constitution-one worthy of a peaceful nation. But to meet new developments, the government has expressed exceptional cases in the form of comments by chief Cabinet secretaries. Examples include the provision of weapons technology to the United States for security reasons and the transfer of devices to remove antipersonnel land mines from a humanitarian... (

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20 September 2004

Kenora Daily Miner and News (Ontario)

A Dryden woman is angry and a little shaken after Dryden OPP charged her and her husband with firearms and explosives related offences. Donna Montague and her husband Bruce were arrested and charged at Dryden's gun show, Sept. 11. Her husband has been held in custody ever since. A show cause hearing at Dryden provincial court Sept. 15 was adjourned to Kenora, Sept. 17, and subsequently rescheduled for this morning (Monday) at 10 a.m., also in Kenora. "He's still in... (

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