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Gun Policy News, 18 September 2004

United States

18 September 2004

Washington Times, Opinion

Let's be perfectly candid about the demise after 10 years of the dearly departed federal "ban" on "assault weapons." It didn't really ban anything. Ask any kid on any high-crime street in America. They can tell you. Yes, crime rates overall took a welcome dip while the law was in effect in the 1990s, but that can be attributed to many factors, including aggressive arrests and prosecutions. Meanwhile, the supply of heavy-duty weapons was hardly affected, thanks to... (

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United States,New Zealand

18 September 2004

New Zealand Herald

Good Riddance US NEWSPAPER — Good riddance to bad law, implying it is preferable to be shot by a firearm less "menacing". Other than their appearance, the "military-style" weapons are no different than other semi-automatic firearms. Firearms murdered 11,546 in 2002. Motor vehicles killed 44,572 in 2002. Firearms and automobiles are mindless mechanical devices operated by people — who overwhelmingly use them legitimately and safely. We will not outlaw motor... (

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United States

18 September 2004

Washington Post, Editorial

It's not enough that Republican leaders in the House are gearing up to tear down the District's eminently sensible gun laws. There is also a move afoot by gun lovers, led by Idaho Republican Larry E. Craig, to achieve the same goal in the Senate. However, unlike the House, which hopes to have a floor vote later this month, Mr. Craig is aiming for Tuesday, when the Senate Appropriations Committee considers the District's 2005 budget. If he has the votes, the senator —... (

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