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Gun Policy News, 15 September 2004

Sri Lanka

15 September 2004

Daily News (Sri Lanka)

People possessing unauthorised firearms will be given a grace period from October 1 to November 30 this year to surrender them to the government, said Tilak Ranaviraja, Secretary, Ministry of Public Security, Law and Order. Those found guilty of possessing any firearms without a valid permit after the lapse of this grace period will be severely dealt with in terms of section 22 of the Firearms Act No. 33 which was amended by Act No. 22 of 1996, he said. Mr.... (

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United States

15 September 2004

Boston Globe, Opinion

For all the smoke over Iraq, the economy, Vietnam service, and National Guard duty, the fire that actually stokes the presidential election was visible this week as the assault weapons ban expired. It did not matter that 87 percent of Americans in a January Gallup survey said they wanted gun laws either to stay the same or become more strict. It did not matter that 86 percent of respondents in a November CBS poll said the same thing. It did not matter that 78 percent... (

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United States

15 September 2004

Washington Post, Editorial

Representative Mark Edward Souder is about as interested in the hopes, fears and aspirations of D.C. residents as a rock along the Maumee River in his northeast Indiana congressional district. What does engage the Republican congressman's enthusiasm is the prospect of forcing House Democrats to vote on a gun control law in a hotly contested election year. That helps explain why Mr. Souder is pressing for a vote on his bill, which would remove the District's stringent... (

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United States

15 September 2004

Detroit Free Press, Editorial

President George W. Bush and Congress took a bloody powder when they failed to stand up to the gun lobby and renew a modest ban on assault weapons. The law that expired Monday banned the manufacture and importation of 19 kinds of military-style assault weapons, and the manufacture of magazines with more than 10 rounds. True, the ban had loopholes and gun makers dodged it by removing outlawed parts. But the government should no more have dropped the ban because it was... (

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15 September 2004

Ahmedabad Express News (India)

Bahadurgarh-based gun dealer Paramjeet Singh, the kingpin of the fake licence racket the crime branch is now investigating, offered his clients a package deal. For a little extra money, he would arrange a licence from Jammu & Kashmir for anyone who bought a weapon from him. No questions asked. Many found the offer too tempting. Under rules, one can get an arms licence only from the authorities of the district where one lives. Before issuing a licence, the authorities... (

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United States

15 September 2004

Michigan City News-Dispatch

As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and an avid hunter, Atley Price has a special interest in the Second Amendment rights of Americans to bear arms and a special interest, and intimate knowledge of, firearms. As Chief Deputy LaPorte County Prosecutor, though, he also has insight into the commission of violent crimes and the role dangerous weapons play in many of those crimes. Reflecting on this week's lapse in the federal law banning designated... (

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