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Gun Policy News, 20 June 2004

United States

20 June 2004

Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama), Editorial

When three Birmingham police officers were killed in a hail of bullets Thursday from a military assault rifle, it underscored once again the need for this nation to place tougher limits on such weapons. The laws the United States already have in place governing assault weapons can easily be sidestepped, both by manufacturers or by gun owners. And even those laws are scheduled to expire in September after being enacted 10 years ago. News reports indicate that the... (

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20 June 2004

Japan Times

Deep in the heart of Aichi Prefecture is the headquarters of an engineering company founded 100 years ago to make textile looms. Having borne the name Howa Machinery, Ltd. since 1945, today its products range from window frames to road-sweepers — but it also derives around 12 percent of its business from weapons sales. In fact, 2004 marks the 40th year since its Type 64 rifle and 81mm mortar were selected by the Defense Agency for use by the Self-Defense Forces. That... (

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