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Gun Policy News, 2 April 2004

United States

2 April 2004

Boston Globe, Editorial

Families of the victims of the Washington-area snipers would be unable to hold accountable the gun store that somehow "lost" the assault rifle used in the attacks if a bill before the Senate becomes law. This legislation would bestow on gun makers and gun dealers an almost total immunity from civil suits that no other industry enjoys. Senators should reject the measure, which has already been passed by the House. Firearms and tobacco are already the only two consumer... (

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United States

2 April 2004

Connecticut Post

Over the past decade, gun shop owners have taken the brunt of blame for firearms violence. And many communities are now attacking the large department stores for selling hunting guns and ammunition. This political pressure and the desire to promote safe gun ownership prompted the National Shooting Sports Foundation in Newtown to develop a special program called "Don't Lie For The Other Guy." This three-year-old program, developed by the NSSF with cooperation from the... (

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United States

2 April 2004

Toledo Blade (Ohio)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — LaDonna Harris is ready to buy a gun. The owner of LaDonna's Gold and Silver at Lakeside Centre says that, for self-protection, she will probably be among the 70,000 Ohioans expected to apply for permits to carry concealed handguns. It is her legal right under the new concealed-carry law taking effect Thursday. "My son's a policeman," she said. "He thinks it's a good idea, but he doesn't want to put a gun in my hand without my knowing how to shoot... (

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United States

2 April 2004

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved a ban on the sale of a high-powered, large-caliber rifle last week in a move that is sure to appease anti-gun lobbyists but will affect sales of the weapon with all the force of a pea shooter. That's because people who want to purchase a .50 caliber rifle, the weapon prohibited by the new law, can drive 20 miles in any direction and purchase all the high-powered rifles and ammunition they desire. The weapons are... (

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United States

2 April 2004

Associated Press

TOPEKA — Legislation allowing Kansans to carry concealed handguns cleared the House on Thursday and went to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who has said she won't sign the bill in its current form. The measure would require the attorney general's office to issue a concealed-carry permit to any Kansan 21 or older who is a U.S. citizen, pays a $150 application fee, has no mental illness or drug or alcohol addiction and completes eight hours of training. As amended by the... (

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United States

2 April 2004

Cybercast News Service

CAPITAL HILL — Frustrated by the Transportation Security Administration's delay in arming airline pilots with guns, four members of Congress said Thursday they want the agency to quit dragging its feet. "We're not interested in any excuses from here on out. This is too important to our national security," said Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.), who introduced legislation that would require TSA to speed up the process of arming pilots. Bunning was joined by Sens. Barbara... (

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United Nations,United States

2 April 2004

United Press International

WASHINGTON — A non-governmental body that helps U.N. chief Kofi Annan in his campaign for small arms nonproliferation appointed a new director Friday — Annan's nephew. The Washington-based Eminent Persons Group said it has appointed Michael Francis Dei-Anang its new executive director. Dei-Anang, like his uncle a Ghanaian citizen, has been working in the group which brings together prominent international political figures and diplomats to support U.N. efforts to... (

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