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Gun Policy News, 29 February 2004

United Kingdom

29 February 2004

Reading Chronicle (UK)

A top level inquiry has been launched after a senior army officer returning from overseas peace-keeping duties was arrested at Reading Station carrying a rifle, pistol and ammunition. The Royal Logistics Corps major — who had been promoted to acting lieutenant colonel — had flown in hours earlier from Afghanistan. It is not yet clear why he was armed to the teeth and had not handed in his weapons to the military authorities after completing his six-month tour of... (

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29 February 2004

Vancouver Province

Police are alarmed about a big increase in guns on our streets and worry the public are increasingly at risk. Late 2003 and early '04 have seen an "alarming" and "significant spike" in the amount of gun play on our streets, says Insp. Kash Heed, a 25-year-veteran of the Vancouver Police Department and the commanding officer of the city's southeast sector, where a string of shootings in recent weeks has left the public rattled and justifiably concerned about criminal... (

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29 February 2004

Straits Times (Singapore)

BANGKOK — Hundreds of schoolteachers in southern Thailand are packing guns and taking shooting lessons out of fear they will be the next victims of the ongoing violence in the region. Mr Yothin Buathong, chief of Pattani's Khok Pho district, said he had approved more than 50 applications for firearm permits and still had many more to look at. 'I will consider them case by case, taking into consideration the unique circumstances of each request.' About half of the... (

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29 February 2004

Calgary Herald (Alberta)

Two weeks after threatening to kill his estranged wife and her new boyfriend, Darcy Doyle forced his way into their home Friday night and gunned them down before fatally shooting himself. A blast from Darcy Doyle's shotgun killed Dick Radcliff, but Nicolette Doyle was able to summon help on a cordless phone after being felled by gunshots as she ran from the house. It was a violent end unforeseen even by the victims, who had asked police about ending a no-contact order... (

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United States

29 February 2004

Washington Post

Gunmaker Smith & Wesson is standing by board member and former chairman James Joseph Minder despite revelations that the 74-year-old executive spent 15 years in prison for using a sawed-off shotgun to commit holdups in the 1950s. The company said Friday that Minder, who stepped down as chairman earlier in the week, will remain on the board of directors. "While recognizing the very serious mistakes in his early life … the board believes he should and can continue to... (

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West Asia,Saudi Arabia

29 February 2004

Arab News (Jeddah)

The people of every country have their own social traditions and customs which they would like to see preserved and protected. In parts of the Kingdom, the local population value their customs inherited from their ancestors and would not hesitate to protect them at any cost. The habit of carrying weapons, whether traditional or modern firearms, is one such custom. These people consider possessing a piece of weaponry as something complementary to their personality and a... (

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United States

29 February 2004

Washington Times

A Senate bill to protect gun manufacturers and dealers from civil-liability claims may be amended to include an extension of the assault-weapons ban and to close the gun-show loophole. At least two Democrats have said they will vote against the bill no matter how it looks tomorrow when Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican, said the full measure will be voted on. "I will vote against it. It's a bad bill," Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democratic,... (

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South Africa,Haiti

29 February 2004

News24 (South Africa)

JOHANNESBURG — When word was out that embattled Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide could be on his way to South Africa, there was still no clarity from government sources about whether an aircraft was scheduled to take arms, ammunition and bullet-proof vests from South Africa to the Caribbean island republic. The reports about a SA Air Force aircraft scheduled to leave on Tuesday, originated from a weekend article in Beeld newspaper. It said the consignment... (

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