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Gun Policy News, 22 February 2004

Australia,United States

22 February 2004

ABC News (Australia), Transcript

HAMISH ROBERTSON: Well staying in the United States, Anti-gun campaigners are concerned about a worrying trend in which charity groups and fundraisers are using guns as prizes in raffles. A volunteer fire brigade has set a new benchmark with its raffle, giving away a gun every day for the entire year. It says it needs the cash to continue operating, but many are wondering whether America, a nation already saturated with guns, needs anymore. Lisa Millar compiled this... (

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United States

22 February 2004

Associated Press

Gun lobbyists have outspent gun-control advocates in Ohio 32-to-1 since 1995, the year supporters began pushing a bill to allow Ohioans to carry concealed weapons, the Dayton Daily News reported Saturday. They also sent 11 times as many letters, faxes and e-mails to Gov. Bob Taft and called his office three times as much as opponents of the bill. They packed hearing rooms, marched in demonstrations and signed petitions. "The volume was very intense. And that is on... (

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