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Gun Policy News, 20 February 2004


20 February 2004

Japan Today

Japan Today's Sachie Kanda dropped into Hibiya Park to ask: If Japanese public security gets worse in future, how would you like to protect yourself? Would you use a gun? Taro Tanaka, 23 "If someone threatens me on the street late at night, I'll beat the crap out of him with a sharp karate kick. I've been learning karate for eight years. I know I can protect myself in that kind of situation. For people who don't know karate, it might be a good idea for them to have a... (

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United States

20 February 2004

Palm Beach Post (Florida), Editorial

Fourteen-year-old David Walker died of a single gunshot wound from a.22-caliber handgun fired by his 13-year-old friend outside a Riviera Beach apartment. Police say his death was the tragic outcome of a game in which the teens flipped wrapped condoms and tried to predict how they would land. The Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office says it may take weeks to decide whether to charge the shooter. The options range from second-degree murder to manslaughter with... (

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United States

20 February 2004

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), Editorial

When state Rep. Carolyn Hugley (D-Columbus) learned of the shooting death of 14-year-old Bianca Walton, she resolved to stop the senseless slaughter of Georgia children. Hugley's instincts are on target. Her proposed bullying law is not. It extends the definition of bullying beyond physical intimidation to hurt feelings and mandates that schools respond, even to anonymous complaints. What Bianca's death demands instead is a law in Georgia that keeps guns out of the... (

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United Kingdom

20 February 2004

Thomas Crosbie Media

The father of a Scottish toddler killed by a stray bullet in a Turkish resort said today he hoped that tougher gun control laws would serve as a tribute to his son. David Grimason was speaking after the latest hearing in the trial of the man accused of killing two-year-old Alistair and a Turk. The boy had been sleeping in his pram during a fight at the café in the Aegean tourist resort of Foca, some 30 miles north of Izmir. Two men involved in the confrontation... (

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United States

20 February 2004

Associated Press

JACKSON — The Mississippi Senate on Thursday gave 29 of its 52 members permission to bring firearms on state Capitol grounds. Sen. Ralph Doxey, D-Holly Springs, sought the exemption from Joint Rule 37, which prohibits firearms at the Capitol and on the building's grounds. Doxey asked for only a grounds exemption. The 28 other Senate members joined him in the motion. The House and Senate on Wednesday adopted rules under which both chambers will operate. Doxey said... (

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United States

20 February 2004

San Francisco Chronicle, Editorial

The nation's gun lobby rarely backs down from a good fight, which is more than could be said of vast numbers of congressional representatives too scared to take on the National Rifle Association. That's why it appears there is a chance a bill that would exempt gun manufacturers and dealers from lawsuits brought by shooting victims could be approved by the U.S. Senate in the next month, unless reason stops being overshadowed by fear. Given that a number of cities,... (

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20 February 2004

Zimbabwe Independent (Harare)

Armed robberies are assuming alarming proportions in Harare as criminals increasingly use firearms in attacks on suburban homes. The most tragic victim is prominent local architect Andy van de Ruit who was killed at his Hogerty Hill home in Borrowdale on the night of Wednesday, February 4. He was killed when armed intruders broke into his house by pulling the back door off its hinges. Andy van de Ruit was shot in the chest while his wife, Felicity, was shot in the... (

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