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Armed violence prevention, gun control laws and the small arms trade:

Gun Policy News, 7 February 2004

United Nations,Africa

7 February 2004

IRIN (UN) News

NAIROBI — Over the last 50 years the use of small arms has cost some two million lives in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa, where in some countries guns are as abundant as goods are in supermarkets and where there is a general climate of violence. In addition to the conflicts and disease that afflict the region, the proliferation of illicit small firearms represents a veritable scourge for peaceful development in these countries. The proliferation of light arms... (

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United States

7 February 2004

Associated Press

MONROE, North Carolina — A pair of gun-trading brothers face federal charges of illegally importing Russian and Soviet-made machine guns and selling thousands of the weapons across the country. Oliver and Ulrich Wiegand are charged in an 83-count indictment with crimes including conspiracy, illegal importation of machine guns, illegal possession and transfer of machine guns, and money laundering. Oliver, 37, and Ulrich, 34, are brothers and German nationals, federal... (

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7 February 2004

Jamaica Observer, Opinion

The words at the head of this article come from John Lennon, the most famous of the pop group known as the Beatles, and many Jamaicans seem to have taken the message to heart. For how else can you explain the proliferation of guns in the society and the casual way in which they are used — almost in the manner of a dinner-table implement. Almost without fail, the radio newscasts and newspaper front pages serve up a daily diet of shootings, some in a quite brutal... (

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