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Gun Policy News, 3 February 2004


3 February 2004

Northern Daily Leader (Australia)

Police will target gun owners in a series of surprise weapon safety audits across the Oxley Local Area Command and the State in coming weeks. The audit is aimed at preventing theft and injury caused by the unsafe storage of firearms, such as under a bed or in a cupboard, an unfortunate circumstance of improper firearm storage that police often have to deal with. Oxley Local Area Command Inspector Tony Rogers said licence holders were required under the Firearms Act to... (

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United States

3 February 2004

The Hill (Washington, DC)

Gun control — a divisive issue that has lain dormant so far in the political campaign — will likely come to the fore as the Senate prepares for a series of contentious votes next month. "2004 is going to be the biggest year in the gun-safety debate since the Brady Bill passed, and there is going to be a lot of pressure on Congress to pass responsible legislation that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals," said Deborah Barron, a spokeswoman for Americans for Gun... (

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United States

3 February 2004

Houston Chronicle (Texas)

A child is in the hospital after a shooting at an elementary school this morning. A fifth grader at Cynthia Youens Elementary School was taken to the hospital with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the stomach. A news conference was held at the school around noon. School officials say that the student brought the gun from home. They say when he walked in this morning, he had the gun tucked into his pants. Around 10:30 a.m., the student pulled the .380... (

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United Nations

3 February 2004

United Nations News Service / UNWire

UNITED NATIONS — Work to establish an international regime for marking and tracing small arms took its first steps this morning with a meeting of governments to begin deliberation over a treaty that would make it harder to hide the origins of weapons that make it to the black market. A working group, open to any government that wishes to participate, began with the election of Anton Thalmann, Switzerland's ambassador to Canada, as chairman. Switzerland and France... (

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