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Gun Policy News, 1 February 2004


1 February 2004

Age (Melbourne)

Victorian gun owners have surrendered almost twice as many firearms as expected in the handgun buyback and received $21 million compensation. Figures show Victorians have handed in 18,814 guns to be destroyed — easily exceeding the Victorian Government's prediction that 10,000 guns would be given up. The buyback is a joint initiative by the federal and state governments. Victorians have handed in more guns than shooters in any other state, 40 per cent of the 46,072... (

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1 February 2004

Mainichi Daily News (Japan)

KOBE — A man fatally shot himself in the head on a street here after shooting two policemen answering an emergency call, officers said. A local resident in Sayo, Hyogo Prefecture, made the call to local police at about 11:30 p.m., Saturday, saying, "There's a man here with a gun." The two police officers from the Sayo Police Station rushed to the scene — in front of a restaurant owned by the man's ex-wife — when the man shot at them. He then put the gun to his... (

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United States

1 February 2004

Associated Press

The Associated Press chooses an issue three times a week and asks the presidential candidates a question about it. Today's question and responses: GUNS: How, if at all, should federal gun laws be changed? Democrats: Wesley Clark: "First and foremost, we need to do a better job of enforcing our existing gun laws. I will do better. Next, I will push for a law that closes the 'gun show loophole.' Many states already have laws requiring background checks for gun... (

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United States

1 February 2004

Washington Post

Virginia never had a lot of cowboys. So at first glance, the larger-than-life bronze statue of a cowboy — complete with billowing chaps, Stetson hat, looped lariat in one hand and rifle dangling casually from the other — looks oddly out of place in the lobby of a glass office building off Interstate 66 in Fairfax County. But the face, all craggy and handsome, seems familiar. Then a glance at the accompanying plaque evokes an "of course" moment: It's Charlton... (

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