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Gun Policy News, 27 January 2004

United States

27 January 2004

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The government will destroy records on gun buyers after one day because of a provision Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R- Goddard, inserted into the spending bill that became law last week. The length of time for keeping records will be shortened from 90 days to one day after a gun buyer passes a background check. First proposed two years ago by Attorney General John Ashcroft, the change is a victory for gun rights advocates, who argue that keeping the records is an... (

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27 January 2004

Toronto Star (Ontario)

The police report on this past's weekend violence goes something like this: two homicide victims, both dead from gunshot wounds. Gunfights outside booze cans. An unco-operative gunshot victim turns up in hospital, an unknown assailant shoots a man in the back, stray bullets rip into another home in Scarborough and a gunman fires a shotgun blast through the patio doors of a townhouse. To police trying to stem the tide of gang- and gun-related violence, it was another... (

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27 January 2004

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Dumstorf, Germany — A judge in Germany faced criminal charges and possible disciplinary action Monday after he shot and wounded a teenager who lobbed a snowball at his home. The town magistrate in Dumstorf, northern Germany, became so enraged when a boy took aim at his house that he took aim at them — with a double-barrel shot gun. The 16-year-old youth was wounded in the upper arm during the weekend incident. He was treated at a local hospital and later... (

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Papua New Guinea

27 January 2004

National (Port Moresby)

Six high-powered guns that are believed to have been stolen from the Papua New Guinea Defence Force's Murray Barracks armoury in Port Moresby were seized at the Jacksons Airport last Thursday along with 120 rounds of ammunition. A reliable source told The National that the guns and ammunition were discovered by cargo handlers at the airport. They were bound for Goroka. The source said weapons were retrieved with police help and were currently in the custody of the... (

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United Kingdom

27 January 2004

Times (UK)

A father and son flooded Britain's underworld with thousands of deactivated guns and kits that could easily be restored into lethal weapons. Criminal armourers flocked to their ramshackle shop in a converted farm building in rural Derbyshire and the weapons were used in murders, wielded by underworld hitmen and linked to paramilitary groups. William Greenwood, 76, and his son, Mitchell, 42, two former egg salesmen, offered supposedly safe AK-47 rifles, Uzi... (

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Papua New Guinea

27 January 2004

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Police seized more than 900 rounds of ammunition and six high-powered guns bound for Southern Highlands Province at the Jacksons Airport last week. In the past, police in Port Moresby had seized guns and ammunition also being smuggled to the Highlands region, especially to the Southern Highlands for tribal fights. A police officer said yesterday the guns and ammunition believed to be stolen from the Papua New Guinea Defence Force's Murray Barracks armory were... (

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