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Gun Policy News, 23 January 2004

United Kingdom

23 January 2004

Press Association (UK)

Jurors were today entering a third day of deliberations on a father and son accused of supplying criminals with thousands of supposedly "safe" deactivated guns and tools designed to convert them back into deadly weapons. Derby Crown Court has been told that William Mitchell Greenwood, 76, and Mitchell Verne Greenwood, 42, both of Catchills Farm, South Wingfield, Derbyshire, are alleged to have stored stocks of AK-47 rifles, Uzi sub machine guns, Browning pistols and... (

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United States

23 January 2004

San Antonio Express-News (Texas), Editorial

Efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals will be impeded now that the Senate has passed an omnibus spending bill. Among the many unsavory items attached to the legislation before Congress recessed last year was a measure that will reduce the effectiveness of background checks on gun buyers. The provision, already approved by the House, mandates the destruction of records on background checks of gun purchasers within 24 hours. Current law requires that the... (

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United States

23 January 2004


The person pulling the trigger, the old shooter's maxim says, is the only one responsible for where the bullet goes. But does the same logic apply to the dealer who sells a gun that winds up being used in a crime? A Washington-based advocacy group, Americans for Gun Safety Foundation, argues that common sense dictates that the federal government should crack down more on dealers who show a pattern of selling guns that wind up in criminals' hands. Citing data obtained... (

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United States

23 January 2004

Associated Press

EUGENE — A policy that bans firearms on the state's seven public university campuses is facing a legal challenge from a lawsuit filed Thursday by a University of Oregon graduate student. Brian Stubbs claims that Oregon law allows people who hold concealed-weapons licenses to possess firearms in all public places except state and municipal courtrooms. Stubbs, 25, says the law forbids government entities, except the Legislature, from regulating "any aspect of firearm... (

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United States

23 January 2004

Christian Science Monitor, Opinion

A Troubling report reveals a need for more law-enforcement work to focus on a rather small universe of flagrant abusers. A gun-control advocacy group, the nonprofit Americans for Gun Safety Foundation (AGS), used federal data to report last week that 15 percent of the guns traced to a crime in the US between 1996 and 2000 came from just 120 gun stores — out of some 83,000 gun dealers nationwide. And half the stores are in just five states: Virginia, Illinois,... (

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