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Gun Policy News, 20 January 2004

United States

20 January 2004

Cybercast News Service, Opinion

The Brady Campaign has asked us to believe the impossible … yet again. Every January, the gun control group issues a state report card, giving each state a grade on the basis of their gun laws. But one look at their report card reveals that the grades have nothing to do with how safe people are in the state. Their report card is somewhat reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland. When Alice doesn't believe the White Queen is 101 years old, she is... (

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United States

20 January 2004

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)

MIAMI — A 3-year-old boy was listed in critical condition late Monday after shooting himself in the head with his father's gun. In the few moments that Travis Jenkins Sr., 27, stepped outside of his rental car to talk to a family friend, his son, Travis Jr., slipped out of his rear-seat seat belt and into the front seat, where the gun was lying on the floor, relatives said. With his back to his son, and the car's engine running, Jenkins did not see or hear the boy... (

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20 January 2004

Philippine Sun Star

Gunmakers make up the image of Danao City, a 34-kilometer ride north of Cebu City. "We are used to it (the image) already," said Roland Perez, Danao City human resource management officer. But gun-making is not listed in the city's resource profile, as shown by Lourdes Rivera of the city planning. The resource profile showed only three industrial establishments in the city, of which only two are in operation. These are Cebu Mitsumi Inc. and Durano III and Sons Co.... (

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United States

20 January 2004

Philadelphia Inquirer, Editorial

Wouldn't it be great, for a change, to deal in the realm of the possible on the divisive, hot-button issue of firearms safety? Usually, this issue produces a showdown at the OK Corral: Gun-rights advocates squared off against handgun-ban folks, snarling all around, and may the most hardball politics win. In fact, it often seems that maneuvering for political advantage in the next election is the real gun-control agenda of both parties, rather than doing something real... (

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United Kingdom

20 January 2004

Manchester Evening News (UK)

Tragic mums whose children were victims of gun crime were today gathering at a unique event to tackle armed gangs. Patsy McKie, who set up the pressure group, Mothers Against Violence after her son was shot dead in Manchester, was among more than 100 delegates to the national conference being staged in Birmingham. The Home Office-sponsored event brought together representatives of the community and the voluntary sector, young people, law enforcement and policy-makers... (

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United States

20 January 2004

Macon Telegraph (Georgia), Editorial

If an adult Georgia resident wishes to buy a firearm, the procedure is simple. The prospective buyer goes to a gun dealer, shows a valid state identification card such as a drivers license and then either produces a state-issued gun permit or submits to a federal background check, which can be done by telephone. That process usually takes about 10 minutes. If the background check confirms the purchaser does not have a criminal record, he or she can plop down the cash... (

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United Kingdom

20 January 2004

Yorkshire Post (UK)

Firearms officers in West Yorkshire have successfully lobbied for the right to carry handguns while on routine patrol. Firearms Support Unit members — about 110 officers in six teams — have been given authority to carry their Glock handguns in hip-mounted holsters, whether attending an incident or not. The new policy regarding handguns was brought in on December 22, just four days before traffic officer PC Ian Broadhurst was shot dead in Leeds amid fears over... (

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United States

20 January 2004

American Spectator, Opinion

Gene Healy is senior editor at the Cato Institute, and one of four attorneys representing the plaintiffs in Parker v. District of Columbia, another challenge to the D.C. gun laws. WASHINGTON — For nearly 30 years, the D.C. government has conducted a public policy experiment based on the theory that if you deprive citizens of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, you'll reduce crime. Last week, federal district court judge Reggie Walton, a George W. Bush... (

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