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Gun Policy News, 15 January 2004

United States

15 January 2004

Los Angeles Times, Opinion

Guns are bad. All my life, it's been that simple. At my son's preschool, if a child pointed a banana and said "bang," he was admonished to "use the banana in a happier way." As far as I was concerned, the 2nd Amendment gave us the right to protect ourselves against invading armies, not the right to buy a gun and keep it under our beds. So what would make someone like me change my mind? I met this gun enthusiast. As research for my new novel, I asked him many questions,... (

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United States

15 January 2004


WASHINGTON — A little-noticed amendment in a $375 billion catchall federal spending bill may well constitute the opening shot in an election-year fight over gun policy, lobbyists and congressional aides said on Thursday. The amendment, backed by the National Rifle Association, requires gun purchase records destroyed in 24 hours, instead of the current 90 days, if someone passes the background check required for some gun purchases. The House passed the spending... (

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United Kingdom,United Nations

15 January 2004

Pickering Online

A worldwide debate has swept across the internet following the release of an article, highlighting changes in U.K. airgun laws, published right here on Pickering Online only yesterday. Many gun owners are arguing against further gun controls, claiming they fail to reduce gun crime. North Yorkshire Police say the new laws, which come into effect on Tuesday next week, are part of measures designed to reduce the flow of deadly weapons to criminals. A spokeswoman for... (

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