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Gun Policy News, 11 January 2004

United Kingdom

11 January 2004

Sunday Mail (UK)

Overseas gun fanatics have been accused of rigging a BBC vote to raise a private members bill on whether householders should be allowed to shoot burglars. MP Steve Pound said the vote on the Today programme was "hijacked". He said: "People in the US and South Africa were mobilised to phone the BBC." The vote came after farmer Tony Martin was jailed for killing a... (

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United States

11 January 2004

Knight Ridder / Tribune (USA)

FORT BELVOIR, Virginia — The U.S. military's only plant making small-arms ammunition is running at near capacity, 4 million rounds a day, and the United States still is forced to look overseas and to the recreational industry for ammunition for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and those training to deploy there soon. Gen. Paul Kern, commander of the Army Materiel Command, said Friday that giving those units priority ensured they had enough small-arms ammunition.... (

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United States

11 January 2004

Times-Union (Florida), Editorial

Just try to follow the twisted logic of legislation passed by two committees that give gun range owners immunity from the state's pollution laws. It goes like this: Florida residents need to practice their gun skills, so ranges are a "necessary component" (the bills' language) of the constitutional right to bear arms. Yet if ranges are forced to clean up the lead and arsenic pollution they cause, they will go out of business and deny Floridians that right. The bills... (

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11 January 2004

Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)

More than 16 illegal firearms are being handed to NSW police a day as part of an amnesty. More than 1850 illegally-owned pistols, shotguns and rifles have been surrendered since October. The weapons include more than 1300 rifles, 343 shotguns, 159 handguns and three miscellaneous firearms — one of them a machinegun. Police Minister John Watkins described the community's response to the amnesty as overwhelming. "I want to ensure we seize, collect and destroy... (

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