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Gun Policy News, 4 January 2004

United Kingdom

4 January 2004

Telegraph (UK)

The charity that helped to free Tony Martin from jail is being run by two people with criminal convictions for fraud and money laundering. The Charity Commission has launched a formal inquiry into the POW [People's Opportunity to Work] Trust, saying that it has "serious concerns" about its management. Among the incidents set to be looked into is a cash donation in North Korean currency, said to be worth up to £5 million, accepted by the charity's general secretary,... (

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4 January 2004

Washington Post

RIO DE JANEIRO — The gunfire crackles virtually every night in the shantytown where Luiz Manoel Pereira lives with his three children. When the first shots pierce the air, he says the family responds like well-drilled infantry. Without saying a word, they all drop to the floor and roll under their beds. No words are spoken. No lights are turned on. No one stands or peeks out a window. "The innocent die every day in this city," said Pereira, 39, a widower who works as... (

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United States

4 January 2004

Associated Press

RICHMOND, Virginia — What do Britney Spears, the United Methodist Church, the St. Louis Rams and Hallmark Cards have in common? They're among the hundreds of celebrities, organizations and companies on the National Rifle Association's roster of entities that it considers hostile to gun-ownership rights. The Fairfax-based NRA has compiled a 15-page list of supporters of the Brady law — which requires federally licensed gun dealers to do background checks on gun... (

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4 January 2004

Brampton Guardian (Ontario)

Can there be a worse way for 2004 to begin than a shooting death? One 15-year-old Acton teen is dead and a 17-year-old is facing murder charges following an incident with what is thought to be a deer rifle on New Year's Day. We don't know what happened, whether the kids were fooling around or something more nefarious was at hand. What we do know, however, is that a 15-year-old Acton teen would likely still be alive if that deer rifle had been stored and locked away... (

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