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Gun Policy News, 1 January 2004

United States

1 January 2004

New York Post

ALABAMA, New York — An 8-year-old girl was shot and killed yesterday when a teenage cousin's shotgun accidentally fired, sheriff's deputies said. Miranda Printup of the Tonawanda Indian Reservation was shot about 2:36 a.m. in an aunt's house where she, her 13-year-old sister and two male cousins, ages 9 and 15, had gathered in a bedroom, Genesee County sheriff's investigators said. The 15-year-old cousin was holding his shotgun when it went off, Sheriff Gary Maha... (

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1 January 2004

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Almost 19,000 handguns have been surrendered in Victoria's buyback that expired yesterday. Acting Police Minister John Lenders said $20.7 million in compensation had been paid to the 4260 gun owners who had visited buyback centres across Victoria in the past six months. Mr Lenders said the buyback had been a great success, with 18,934 banned handguns surrendered to police over the past six months. Most handguns were outlawed after the 2002 Monash University... (

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United States

1 January 2004

Sacramento Bee (California)

Two national gun-rights groups will ask a Sacramento Superior Court judge Friday to block a new California law that they say will lead to unchecked favoritism in the granting of concealed weapons permits in the state. The law, scheduled to take effect today, frees the state Department of Justice from collecting data on people who apply for gun permits from local law enforcement agencies. The suit was filed this week on behalf of the Citizens Committee For he Right to... (

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United States

1 January 2004

Deseret Morning News (Utah)

Drugs, gangs and another unsettling year of domestic violence marked 2003's list of homicide victims. Forty-three people were slain in incidents that were charged as first-degree, second-degree or child-abuse homicide, according to statistics compiled by the Deseret Morning News. That's down from 2002's total of 47 homicides listed by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification and the state's average of 54 homicides per year from 1978 to 2001. Three of this year's... (

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United States

1 January 2004

Washington Post, Editorial

THe availability in America of heavy weaponry for criminal uses remains a serious homeland security issue of its own, yet the men and women on Capitol Hill who should be doing something about it have been ducking for the past four years. Too many lawmakers who know full well the need for tighter gun safety laws have been spooked by "gun rights" groups into believing that talking about more controls is political suicide. True, the controlling players in Congress have... (

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1 January 2004

ABC News (Australia)

Pistol clubs say some handgun licence fees which came into effect yesterday have gone up by 300 per cent. The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria says the new fees reflect an expensive regulatory process rather than providing a public benefit. Council president Sebastian Ziccone says people wanting to take up handgun shooting sports as a probationary licence holder will pay $75 for a police check. "If he's only allowed to use a gun at a club, then why does it cost... (

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1 January 2004

Australian Associated Press

Deaths by firearms have dropped almost 50 per cent in the past decade but handguns are being used more often. A report by the Australian Institute of Criminology released found the number of deaths caused by firearms dropped to 333 in 2001 from 629 in 1991. The number of suicides — the biggest single form of firearm death — fell to 261 from 505. Homicide deaths dropped to 47 from 84, accident deaths dropped to 18 from 29, while other forms of firearm deaths... (

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United States

1 January 2004

Los Angeles Times

The National Rifle Assn. has steadily opposed the Brady law, which requires a background check of potential gun buyers. Now, with a friendly majority in Congress, the pro-gun lobby is close to significantly weakening this vital crime control tool. The House passed legislation before its holiday recess that would require the FBI to destroy gun buyer records within 24 hours of the sale of a weapon, wiping out a database that police use to solve gun crimes and rescind some... (

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United Kingdom

1 January 2004

BBC News

A proposal to allow homeowners to use "any means" to defend their homes, has topped a BBC poll on the bill people would most like to see become law. BBC Radio 4's Today programme asked listeners to vote on suggested Private Members' Bills, with the first choice taking 37% of the votes. Norfolk farmer Tony Martin, whose fatal shooting of a burglar in 1999 sparked a national debate, welcomed the result. Second place went to a bill to encourage more organ donations.... (

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