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Gun Policy News, 20 October 2002

United States

20 October 2002

Washington Times, Opinion

It was perhaps inevitable that the recent sniper killings in the Washington area suburbs would be seized upon by advocates of gun control. Like so much in the agenda of the political left, gun control arguments would collapse like a house of cards if people just stopped to think through what is being said, instead of being swept along by emotional rhetoric. Start with the very name "gun control." Do gun control laws actually control guns? Why would someone who is... (

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United States

20 October 2002

Detroit Free Press, Editorial

The Washington-area serial sniper has sparked a national debate on a registry for ballistic fingerprinting. There's always a danger in enacting laws when emotions run hot. Frequently, the laws overreach or cause more problems than they fix. Still, creating a ballistic registry as a law enforcement tool is a good idea that's long overdue. Congress should stand up to the considerable pressure of the gun lobby and pass a now-stalled bill proposing a nationwide database.... (

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United States

20 October 2002

Boston Globe

FREDERICK, Maryland — All Robert Ehrlich was trying to do a few weeks before somebody started murdering people at random was pull off a simple campaign pander. This is a moderate state and a strongly Democratic one, but the Republican candidate for governor nonetheless needed to signal the typically small but monolithic pro-gun crowd that he was still the same ally he's always been in politics, to make sure that its adherents would turn out for him. So the veteran... (

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United States

20 October 2002

BBC News

MASSACHUSETTS — It is a glorious fall afternoon, and the members of the "Second Amendment Sisters" at Mount Holyoke College are in high spirits, because they are going shooting. As it is the last day of a long weekend break, only a handful of the 70 club supporters are on campus to enjoy the excursion to the local firing range, just a few miles away. "It's good to go out — go to the range with some friends and have some fun. We can talk about our day, what's going... (

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United States

20 October 2002


WASHINGTON — The leader of the largest U.S. gun owners' group on Sunday dismissed a plan to "fingerprint" bullets, an idea promoted by gun control advocates after the Washington area sniper attacks. The chief executive of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that ballistic fingerprinting legislation in Congress was a "technical fantasy" that would not help solve cases like the Washington sniper attacks. "A sniper, a criminal... (

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United States

20 October 2002

Associated Press

DENVER, Colorado — Some parents of children killed in the Columbine massacre praised a new documentary about the killings, saying it contributes to the fight for tighter gun control. Others said the film exploits tragedy. "Bowling for Columbine," shown Saturday at the Starz Denver International Film Festival, uses the slayings as a launching point to examine violence and gun culture in America. "It was difficult at times to watch," said Tom Mauser, who has... (

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United States

20 October 2002

New York Times

When a sniper began shooting down people in suburban Maryland and Virginia earlier this month, followed by possible copycat shootings on Long Island last weekend, I wondered why it hadn't happened sooner. For the past three years, I have been doing research for a book on how a group of Kosovar Albanian émigrés in New York City helped build a guerrilla army by raising money and buying and shipping high-powered rifles from the United States to the Balkans. In March... (

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United Kingdom

20 October 2002

Telegraph (UK)

A milkman amassed an arsenal of weapons in his home, where they were discovered by chance by police, a court was told yesterday. Andrew Gomm, 22, who helped to run a scout troop, had 40 guns, chemical sprays, samurai swords, batons and knives. He may even have taken a gun with him on his milk rounds. Police said he bought the weapons "with ease" on the internet and regarded himself as a collector. However, he had the potential to be "a grave danger". Gomm was jailed... (

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United States

20 October 2002

Daily News (New York)

The specter of the sniper shootings hit home yesterday. An ex-Marine — nabbed near the Canadian border after allegedly shooting two men at random in the Bronx — was labeled a potential "copycat" killer by cops who say his weekend slayings have some eerie similarities to those of the Washington-area sniper. "We do not believe this is the sniper, but we are exploring the possibility that this is a guy who is copying those crimes," a high-ranking police official told... (

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