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Gun Policy News, 13 October 2002

United States

13 October 2002

Telegraph (UK)

As the death toll in Washington grows, Americans are starting to question why training courses in sniping are available to civilians across the country, writes Julian Coman. At the Storm Mountain centre in West Virginia, applicants are invited to "face the challenges associated with high-risk environments or incidents". According to the prospectus, the breadth of classes is said to "provide an excellent opportunity to the concerned citizen as well as the law... (

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13 October 2002

Hindustan Times (Delhi)

Britain's murder rate has risen to its highest level since records began 100 years ago despite government claims that they have got violent crime under control, The Sunday Times said. The overall number of murders notified to police was 885 in the year to March, up four per cent on 2001 and 20 per cent higher than 1997, the paper said. "As ministers prepare this week to announce that they met (Prime Minister Tony) Blair's pledge to cut street crime by September in 10... (

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United States

13 October 2002

New York Times

Hamilton, et al. v. Accu-Tek, et al. The kind of dry legal lingo that captions a lawsuit, but captures none of the emotions driving it. Freddie Hamilton, a Brooklyn woman, was in the news in the 1990's after her son Njuzi Ray, 17, was shot and killed in a street dispute. She gained attention not just as a grieving parent, but also as a leading force and trial witness in a suit in which she and relatives of five other victims killed with illegally obtained handguns... (

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United States

13 October 2002

Newsday (New York)

Hours after a 13-year-old boy was shot in the back while sleeping at a friend's slumber party in North Amityville yesterday, police arrested a 22-year-old man in the shooting that relatives said may leave the boy paralyzed. Vincent Alves of North Amityville was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in West Islip in critical condition, Suffolk police said. Family members said his condition had stabilized after surgery but that he might never walk again. "He... (

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United States

13 October 2002

Observer (UK)

To the growing ranks of American aficionados of the sniper's craft, the perfect shot is to hit 'the apricot'. That is the small area between the top of the spine and the brain, where a bullet will bring a man down without reflex, known as flaccid relaxation. In recent years America's saturated gun industry has looked to the sale of long-range, highly accurate rifles to boost sales. Playing upon the mystique of the sniper, gun dealers and weapons training schools have... (

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United States

13 October 2002


WASHINGTON — With 10 deadly rifle shots in the Washington suburbs killing eight people, wounding two and making headlines around the world, politicians in the nation's capital have been eerily silent on the issue of gun control. New curbs on American gun owners are not being contemplated this year in Congress, and President Bush, whose pro-gun rights policies helped him gain the White House, has remained silent on the issue. In contrast, the governors of Maryland... (

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United States

13 October 2002

Bergen Record (New Jersey)

BERGENFIELD — A leading national gun control advocate joined 5th District Congressional candidate Anne Sumers on Saturday as she spoke about her priority issue before more than 100 enthusiastic supporters at Borough Hall. Sarah Brady joined Sumers to demand tougher gun laws and gun safety initiatives. Senate candidate and fellow Democrat Frank R. Lautenberg also spoke at the rally, which drew members of several gun-control groups. "No issue is more important to me... (

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United States

13 October 2002

Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas), Editorial

"The recent outbreak of long-range sniper attacks in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia exposes two long-term trends in gun industry marketing: Mass marketing of military and military-style weapons, including assault rifles and sniper rifles and equipment, to the civilian market; and cultivation of a sniper subculture within the gun community." There you have it, straight from the mouth of one of the nation's most virulently anti-gun groups this side of... (

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13 October 2002

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario)

MONTREAL — As the number of victims of the Washington serial killer mounts, police are using a Canadian piece of forensic equipment to show the bullets were fired from the same gun. The device, called IBIS for Integrated Ballistics Identification System, was developed and built in Montreal by Forensic Technology Inc. While its vice-president of sales, Wayne Baird, won't comment on the Washington shootings, he confirmed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has... (

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