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Gun Policy News, 29 September 2002

United States

29 September 2002

Metro West Daily (Boston)

"It used to be tick, tick, tick," said Pamela Keefe, the ticks being the sound of the guns at the gun club behind her house. "But now," she said, "the sound is more like, BOOM!" Pamela has lived for 27 years in a neighborhood of $350,000-plus homes in Medfield. And for 27 years, she has tolerated with good humor the "ticks" of the Westwood Gun Club. Until earlier this month, a little brown cabin and a couple of ordinary firing ranges constituted the club. All that... (

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29 September 2002

ABC News (Australia)

A spokeswoman for the Australian Federal Police (AFP) says the Prime Minister, John Howard, and his team arrived at Sydney airport yesterday morning. A member of Mr Howard's protection team was having his firearm checked by customs staff when the gun was accidentally fired. She says it is not yet known if the AFP officer was holding the gun when it fired, but the check-in procedure often involves pulling the weapon apart. The spokeswoman says the gun was in a bag... (

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United States

29 September 2002

Los Angeles Times

An 8-year-old Dana Point girl was in critical condition Friday night with gunshot wounds to her upper body after her father accidentally shot her at close range with his new, 12-gauge shotgun, officials said The girl, whose name was not released, was wounded in her upper right arm above her elbow and in her torso about 7:45 p.m. as she stood near her father while he examined the gun, said Lt. Dave Wilson of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. She was taken to... (

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United States

29 September 2002

Daily News (New York)

This guy's loaded National Rifle Association exec Wayne LaPierre may have misfired when he shot his mouth off last month about airline CEOs. LaPierre has been at loggerheads with the sky chiefs in his campaign to allow pilots to carry guns to thwart possible hijackings. The Air Transport Association, which represents the airlines, has testified that there are too many unanswered questions about arming pilots, like the effect of gunfire on pressurized aircraft. In a... (

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United States

29 September 2002

Associated Press

TRENTON, New Jersey — State senators from both parties plan to push Monday for approval of legislation requiring "smart gun" technology in handguns once it becomes commercially available. The technology allows only recognized users to fire handguns. The legislation would make it illegal for gun manufacturers or dealers to sell handguns without the technology three years after it's available for retail purposes. The "childproof handgun" bill, which passed the Senate... (

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United States

29 September 2002

Arizona Republic

When Patricia Saye was a young child, her mother took her outside their Montana ranch and taught her how to shoot a gun. Now the 53-year-old Las Vegan, who was among the approximate 500 people Saturday at the 2002 Gun Rights Policy Conference, is doing the same for her grandchildren. "It's our constitutional right," said Saye, who wore a shirt that read, "What part of 'infringed' don't you understand?" The conference, sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation and... (

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