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Gun Policy News, 25 September 2002

United Kingdom

25 September 2002

BBC News

A 72-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of the possession and manufacture of firearms. The woman was arrested at a house in the Everton area of Liverpool. A 37-year-old man and 35-year-old woman were also arrested during a house raid in the early hours of Wednesday. Three handguns were seized along with a number of crossbows and an air rifle. Police forced their way into the house, in Barker Way, following a tip-off from the local community. Specialist... (

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United States

25 September 2002

Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO — A Chicago principal who was charged with disorderly conduct Monday for allegedly filing a false police report about a fight at her school was at work Tuesday while officials discussed whether she will face disciplinary action. Police say Cheryl Marshall-Washington instructed an employee at Dyett Academic Center, 555 E. 51st St., to call police and tell them a gun had been found on the premises, hoping for a quicker response. Mayor Richard Daley said there... (

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United States

25 September 2002

Los Angeles Times

Expanding its citywide ban on assault weapons, the Los Angeles City Council took a step Tuesday to outlaw the sale and civilian possession of the .50-caliber rifles used by SWAT units and the military. Although council members could not cite any crimes committed in L.A. involving the so-called "sniper" rifles, they said their unanimous action Tuesday — ordering legal language to outlaw the weapons — would prevent attacks on people and the city's infrastructure. A... (

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United States

25 September 2002

Sacramento Bee (California)

In another victory for gun violence victims, the California Assembly recently passed AB 2080 (Steinberg), the Gun Trafficking Prevention Act. On a vote of 48-29, the Assembly approved Senate amendments and sent the measure to Governor Davis for signature. "Current law makes it too easy for a phony gun dealer to forge a license, buy huge quantities of cheap guns, and illegally dump them on our streets," said Eric Gorovitz, Western Policy director for the Coalition to... (

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United States

25 September 2002

St Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

Jim Lembke, a Republican candidate for the state House, showed up with campaign brochures and an appeal for help. Lembke, from south St. Louis County, was asking the National Rifle Association to provide the grass-roots volunteers and phone-bank operations that he can't afford on his own. He was among a parade of candidates or their representatives — mainly Republicans — who showed up Tuesday night at the Airport Marriott, where the NRA was holding an "election... (

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United States

25 September 2002

Philadelphia Intelligencer (Pennsylvania)

Matthew Shepard. Brandon Teena. Tyra Hunter. Barry Winchell. Anthony Milano. All were murdered because they were gay. It's a list that Gwen Patton and her partner, Maggie Leber, don't intend to join. So they pack heat. Both women are members of Pink Pistols, a group that believes the best defense against gay-bashing thugs is a loaded handgun. "We're not a bunch of crazies running around with guns. All we want is to be safe," said Patton as she lunched with members of... (

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United States

25 September 2002


SAN FRANCISCO — California Gov. Gray Davis signed a package of new gun control bills Wednesday, including the first state law in the nation to strip gunmakers of a key legal shield against liability lawsuits brought by victims of gun violence. "No industry should be allowed to hide from its own harmful conduct, and except for gun manufacturers, no industry is," Davis said in a statement. "Current laws shield a gun manufacturer from its own negligence. These new laws... (

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United States

25 September 2002

Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — Gov. Gray Davis cleared the way Wednesday for people to sue gun manufacturers if they believe the company has been negligent in its advertising or production of firearms. The package of bills Davis signed removes the shield granted to gun makers regarding negligence lawsuits. Previously, gun manufacturers could not be sued if their products were used in the commission of a crime. The legislation, the first to repeal the industry's immunity, was... (

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25 September 2002

Independent (Dhaka)

Since the end of the so-called cold war, from East Timor in the east, to Balkan in the west, from Mindanao, Philippines to Michigan, USA, throughout Africa and parts of the Asian continent, the world was and is witnessing the outbreak of ethnic, religious and sectarian conflicts. These conflicts are characterized by massacre of unarmed civilians. Rather most of these casualties happened because of the use of small arms such as pistol, rifle, machine gun and grenade. The... (

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United States

25 September 2002

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion

This is an important time for public safety in California. Gov. Gray Davis has agreed to sign landmark legislation repealing a law that has shielded gunmakers from liability, even when their weapons were marketed to criminals and used as intended. Assemblyman Paul Koretz, D-West Hollywood, and Sen. Don Perata, D-Alameda, introduced the legislation in response to a California Supreme Court ruling last year in Merrill vs. Navegar, a lawsuit arising out of the infamous... (

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