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Gun Policy News, 11 September 2002

United States

11 September 2002

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The agency responsible for tracking guns and bombs should be moved to the Justice Department, Bush administration officials say. All or part of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms — which also collects excise taxes on all three — would be transferred from its current home at the Treasury Department a senior Treasury official said Wednesday. Treasury is pitching the idea to Congress, which would have to approve such a change, said the... (

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United States

11 September 2002

Denver Post (Colorado)

A co-owner of an Aurora pawnshop on Wednesday pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to short-cutting federal gun-sale rules. Related charges against his brother and their employee were dismissed. In a deal with the U.S. Attorney's Office, Gregory Golyansky pleaded guilty to accepting insufficient identification during a 1994 handgun purchase at ABC Loan, an Aurora pawnshop on East Colfax Avenue. He owns the store with his brother, Leonid. The Golyanskys and an... (

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United Kingdom

11 September 2002

Guardian (UK)

A vicar who was jailed after hiding a loaded gun at his home has been sacked by the Church of England. And in an exclusive interview with the Manchester Evening News, American-born Rev Michael Daggett has told of his regret at the embarrassment he has brought to his parishioners in Swinton. But he has also criticised gun law in the UK and believes the authorities made an example of him because of his position of responsibility in the community. He said he believed it... (

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United States

11 September 2002

Washington Times

As a hunter, target shooter and homeowner who will not hesitate to defend his family with a firearm if the need arises, I am more than a little disturbed when I hear the anti-gun drivel spouted by certain aspirants to elective office. Sure, it is every American's own business how he or she pulls a voting lever or connects the broken arrow that points to a favorite candidate's name, as is the case in my home county in Maryland. But what we should all be concerned about... (

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United Kingdom

11 September 2002

Post Tribune (Indiana)

GARY, Indiana — Patrolman Anthony Haymon listened to three of his fellow officers describe him on a night in February as "irate," "hysterical" and "unprofessional" during a disciplinary hearing Tuesday afternoon. Haymon, on paid suspension from the department, faces termination from the force. He has also been charged criminally in connection with a Feb. 17 confrontation with other officers at Bailly Middle School where witnesses said he pulled a handgun from his... (

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United States

11 September 2002

Boston Globe

Most gubernatorial candidates will mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks solemnly today, attending memorial services and steering clear of campaigning, despite the fact that there are only six days remaining before the primary election. But Libertarian candidate Carla Howell is not among them. Howell plans to campaign at Massachusetts gun stores where she will call for Americans to arm themselves against terrorists and call for the abolition of laws that... (

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South Africa

11 September 2002

African Eye News Service (South Africa)

WHITE RIVER — An Mpumalanga teacher allegedly shot a pupil on Wednesday morning following protests against the appointment of a new principal. Ananias Mokoena, a Grade 12 pupil at Jacob Mdluli High School in Makoko near White River, was shot in the stomach shortly after 09:00 when he went to see the new principal on the pupils' behalf. Pupils were angry that they had not been informed of the appointment of principal Petrus Dumisa, who arrived at the school for the... (

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