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Gun Policy News, 7 September 2002


7 September 2002

Calgary Herald (Alberta)

Canada's transport minister and the head of the world's largest commercial airline raised concerns Friday over a U.S. senate vote that could allow American pilots to carry guns in the cockpit. Transport Minister David Collenette said in Ottawa that he was disturbed by the move, while Don Carty, head of American Airlines, told a Calgary conference that guns aboard planes pose serious risks to passengers and crew. "This is an ill-conceived and poorly thought out idea,"... (

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7 September 2002

Toronto Star (Ontario)

The man killed in a daylight robbery at a Woodbridge gun shop Thursday was charged 10 years ago on suspicion of having played a role in a 1992 armoured car heist involving the theft of $6.7 million in cash. John Fullerton, 39, of Toronto, died in hospital yesterday from a gunshot to the head after as many as six robbers invaded Ontario Sporting Supplies in Vaughan in a smash, grab and kill operation that netted them more than 75 handguns. The suspects remain at... (

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United States

7 September 2002

New York Times, Editorial

Washington has done a startling and politically gutless turnabout on guns in the cockpit. Only last spring nearly everyone involved in regulating air safety thought the idea of giving guns to pilots was a desperate, potentially calamitous way to prevent hijackings. Now many of the same people are stampeding in the opposite direction, spurred on by the National Rifle Association. On Thursday the Senate was swept along by the tide, voting 87 to 6 to arm pilots in a trial... (

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