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Gun Policy News, 30 August 2002

United States

30 August 2002

Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)

People who manufacture and sell guns that later are used to kill someone cannot be held liable, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled. In a unanimous decision Thursday the three-judge panel threw out the claims of the families of three employees of an East Side Pizza Hut who were shot to death during a 1999 robbery. The appeals court rejected the families' contention that the defendants had a duty to have procedures designed to keep guns out of the hands of those who... (

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United States

30 August 2002

Associated Press

RENO, Nevada — A 21-month-old Reno boy was seriously injured in a gun accident at his family's house. Police said Gerald Getten brought his son to Washoe Medical Center after the shooting Friday morning in the Raleigh Heights section of Reno. The boy was listed in serious condition after surgery for a gunshot wound to the leg. Police said the father was taking a shower when he heard a gunshot. He raced to his room, where he saw his pistol on the floor and one of... (

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United States

30 August 2002

San Francisco Chronicle

SAN FRANCISCO — As she watched television Wednesday, gunfire pierced the front window where 70-year-old Ruby Jones lives with her son in San Francisco's Sunnydale public housing project. The shots — which hit two other apartments along with Jones' — apparently were intended for two men in a car on Blythdale Avenue, police said Thursday. But one round was recovered near Jones' heater in her living room, and another bullet pierced her upstairs bedroom... (

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United States

30 August 2002

Florida Today

The cardboard poster points a gun at its viewer and asks one question: "Since when does a traffic stop lead to time in a federal prison?" The answer is printed beneath: "Since the officer found a gun in your car." The warning is one component of Operation Cease-Fire, an initiative by state and federal prosecutors and police agencies launched Friday to prosecute certain gun crimes in federal court, leading to quicker trials and harsher sentences. The program uses... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

30 August 2002

West Lothian Courier (Scotland)

West Lothian Council has put its weight behind a drive to control the sale of airguns throughout Britain. Members of Gateshead Council have called upon local authorities from around the country to support its campaign to introduce tighter legislation to ensure that the potentially dangerous weapons do not fall into the hands of youngsters. The English authority is urging the Government to introduce a formal licensing scheme to ensure only responsible adults are able... (

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