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Gun Policy News, 27 August 2002

United States

27 August 2002

Detroit Free Press

An 11-year-old boy was fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting Monday night as he sat on the porch of his home on Detroit's west side. A 17-year-old boy was injured. The two boys were in front of the home at Mettetal and Elmira before 10 p.m. when a gray car drove by with three to four men inside, according to Detroit Police Inspector Billy McFarley. The car's occupants fired several shots at the pair and sped off, said McFarley. The 11-year-old was struck in the neck... (

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United States

27 August 2002

New York Daily News

Bullets are flying in the Bronx. While homicide is down 20% and gun arrests are up 28%, shootings have been soaring. While there are various theories about what caused the dramatic 30% increase in shootings, police have already launched a major multipronged effort to stem the bloody tide. Besides reemphasis on precinct-level plainclothes and uniformed crackdowns, police efforts range from no-questions-asked gun buyback and tip reward programs to a special task force... (

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27 August 2002

Canadian Press

CALGARY — The Calgary Police Service made numerous changes to its firearms safety policy after a police officer was shot and killed by a colleague during a training exercise, a fatality inquiry heard Tuesday. The new policy states that all police officers must have their guns checked three times during training exercises to ensure the weapons aren't loaded. They must also insert bullet blockers into gun barrels, said Sgt. Tony Manning, head of the Calgary police... (

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United States

27 August 2002


NEW YORK — Suicide rates tend to be higher in US regions where a higher percentage of households have guns, researchers report. More people kill themselves using guns than by all other suicide methods combined, according to Dr. Matthew Miller and his colleagues at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts. While this study does not show that owning a gun increases the likelihood that household members will try to kill themselves, the authors note, the... (

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New Zealand

27 August 2002

New Zealand Herald

The mystery of a cache of firearms buried in Auckland years ago has been solved. The 200 badly corroded firearms were found last month at a property being developed in Glen Innes. Police originally thought they could have been dumped by a thief who decided he had too many, but yesterday said the firearms were buried after a 1973 fire at a sports wholesale company. Detective Senior Sergeant Andy Lovelock, of Auckland police, said after the blaze an insurance assessor... (

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Papua New Guinea

27 August 2002

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

The people of Southern Highlands Province want nothing but peace. Most people want the province cleaned up of gangsters, bandits and destructive, death-dealing high-powered arms. They also want self-styled warlords and those known to be illegal arms traffickers to be apprehended and given heavy penalties by the courts. A group of villagers, who travelled from the troubled-torn province to Port Moresby last week, called for peace and restoration of government... (

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