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Gun Policy News, 9 March 2002

United States

9 March 2002

Courier-Journal (Kentucky), Editorial

The shame of it is, there's really no way to make Rep. Robert Bullet Bob Damron answer for the fact that up to 3,000 Kentuckians got permits to carry concealed deadly weapons without the required training. As chief advocate for the outrageous concealed carry program, he dismissed any suggestion that it presented any danger to the commonwealth. Everybody would be trained, he said. Everybody would be vetted, he said. Now it develops, according to federal indictments... (

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9 March 2002

Vancouver Sun

Battle lines are being drawn in Delta over a proposed bylaw that would make it illegal for private individuals to discharge firearms for sport or wildlife control. Last month, the corporation's advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend a municipal-wide ban on the discharge of firearms. Committee members, appointed by council to advise on environmental matters, decided that because of ecological, public safety and ethical concerns, Delta should join Surrey in... (

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United States

9 March 2002

Washington Times

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. is co-sponsoring legislation that would stop state police from denying gun rights to residents with minor or old convictions. Mr. Miller said state police should focus on real threats, after learning that police have been confiscating firearms and denying gun permits and purchasing to residents such as former Maryland Citizen of the Year Donald G. Arnold of Baltimore. State police have been seizing guns... (

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