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Gun Policy News, 22 February 2002

United States

22 February 2002

Associated Press

RICHMOND — An amendment attached Friday to a Senate bill limiting restrictions on firearms in some public buildings would disarm public employees while allowing visitors to pack heat, the measure's sponsor said. By deleting three words in Senate Bill 593, the House Militia and Police Committee allows local governments to bar employees from bringing firearms to work, but it would not allow localities to prevent visitors from bringing guns into certain public... (

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United States

22 February 2002

Christian Science Monitor

ALPHARETTA, Georgia — Once an icon of Rockwellian America, the lone boy toting a Daisy BB gun as he wanders the woods has a new reputation — that of an outlaw. In the boldest of a growing ledger of laws across the country aimed at gradeschool "gunslingers," a new ordinance here makes it a crime to let children under 16 use a BB gun — or its modern cousin, the paintball gun — without parental supervision. To many, it's common-sense legislation catering to... (

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United States

22 February 2002

New York Times

TOMS RIVER, New Jersey — A 70-year-old retired Newark policeman fatally shot his 22-year-old granddaughter and three neighbors on his block here this afternoon, then put his pistol down and surrendered quietly to the police, the authorities said. The staccato cluster of killings under a springlike sun on the curving streets of a quiet suburban development left investigators as puzzled as local residents were terrified. The former policeman, John W. Mabie, was quiet... (

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United States

22 February 2002

Wall Street Journal, Opinion

Word has finally come that Emory University is going to investigate Michael Bellesiles, the award-winning author of "Arming America." It was about 18 months ago that Mr. Bellesiles published one of those rare books that purport to turn both history and modern politics upside-down. In "Arming America" he claimed that very few early Americans had actually owned guns, opening a debate over whether the Second Amendment had been designed to protect individual gun... (

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