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Gun Policy News, 27 January 2002

United States

27 January 2002

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul), Editorial

If the Minnesota Legislature is in session, then a concealed gun proposal is on the agenda. Never mind that the majority of Minnesotans agree with current limitations on hidden firearms or that most law enforcement groups oppose the idea. Those pressing to arm more citizens are a tenacious lot. Pushed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun groups, and holding the misguided notion that packing a pistol is a protected right, they are not prone to give up.... (

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United States

27 January 2002

Detroit News

SOUTH LYON — John Doyle, a longtime hunter, had always treated firearms with care and respect. But about a year ago, with three children at home, both he and his wife worried about the security of the locked storage area where he kept his hunting weapons. Whenever I read or hear of a kid getting hurt because they got a hold of some firearm in the house, it just turns my stomach, Doyle said. I've got a couple rifles and a shotgun for deer and bird hunting. But I was... (

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