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Gun Policy News, 26 January 2002


26 January 2002

Advertiser (Adelaide)

WHEN gunsmith Larry Chiera was pulled over by traffic police — for changing lanes without using his indicator — his troubles had only just begun. The police officers searched his car and allegedly found a 9mm machine-gun, a silencer, an air rifle and a .32 calibre rifle. Then they raided Mr Chiera's Brompton business, Custom Gunsmiths, and allegedly found more home-made pistols and ammunition. Mr Chiera, 51, of Woodville, who holds gun licences, was charged with... (

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26 January 2002

Calgary Herald (Alberta)

The head of Canada's gun lobby dodged a legal bullet Friday after a judge found him not guilty of careless use of a firearm. Jim Hinter, 41, was charged after a handgun he was repairing in his southwest Calgary apartment went off, sending a bullet into a neighbour's suite. Provincial court Judge Tom McMeekin said Hinter, who heads the National Firearms Association, took appropriate precautions before starting the repair job on May 22, 1999. This isn't a case of a... (

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26 January 2002

National Post (Toronto)

OTTAWA — The federal government is handing over the administration and operation of its costly gun licensing and registration system to the private sector, documents show. A spokeswoman for the Public Works Department confirmed yesterday federal officials are now evaluating bids for a 15-year contract to take over processing applications for firearms licensing and registration, telephone call centres and the information-technology systems involved in the program. I... (

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United States

26 January 2002

Barron News Shield (Wisconsin)

State Senator Dave Zien (R-Wheaton) says that virtually every gun used to hunt in Wisconsin would be illegal to use under a bill authored by Senator Jim Baumgart at the request of Attorney General Jim Doyle. The supposed terrorism legislation would outlaw the use of any pump, lever or bolt action rifle or shotgun, as well as any revolver or semi-automatic firearm for hunting, self-defense or target practice, Zien alleges. In fact, Zien says, only single-shot... (

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