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Gun Policy News, 12 January 2002

United States

12 January 2002

Chicago Tribune

A Cook County judge has dismissed a case brought by the state's attorney's office to stop handgun manufacturers and a Melrose Park gun shop from producing and selling illegal, inexpensive revolvers. Circuit Court Judge Robert Boharic on Thursday dismissed a request by the state's attorney for an injunction against Donald R. Beltrame, owner of Suburban Sporting Goods on West North Avenue. The suit also named manufacturers and distributors Bryco Arms, Phoenix Arms and... (

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United States

12 January 2002

Daily Southtown (Chicago)

A downstate court case against a 41-year-old woman could have set a precedent for judges trying to interpret a controversial loophole in state gun laws, but the weapons charge was dropped as the trial began Thursday. Area gun-rights activists attended the trial, which they hoped would elicit a ruling on the practice of carrying unloaded guns on the hip in a fanny pack with the clip resting next to it. Illinois law does not allow civilians to carry concealed weapons,... (

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United States

12 January 2002

Messenger-Inquirer (Kentucky), Opinion

A warning to gun lovers what you are about to read may be too painful to bear. Hundreds of guns confiscated last year in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee, including fine-crafted Brownings, Remingtons, Smith & Wessons, Colts and Winchesters shotguns, rifles, pistols and revolvers will soon be reduced to molten metal. Many of the approximately 1,000 guns either purchased by undercover agents or seized in raids came from the Owensboro area. All of the guns, from the most... (

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United States

12 January 2002

Daily News (Los Angeles)

A shortage of trigger safety locks required on all weapons sold under a new state law has stalled gun purchases and frustrated shop owners. Gun shop owners have had to shelve racks of arms while they wait for locks that are nearly impossible to come by and won't arrive for months because of a shortage of manufacturing capacity. I can always retire, but I m worried for my people. If I go out, my people won't have jobs, said Robert Kahn, owner of B&B Sales in North... (

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