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Gun Policy News, 9 January 2002

United States

9 January 2002

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), Opinion

The United States has become a nation of violence. But unlike citizens of many countries who are fighting for freedom, justice or God, we are fighting because we can. We have nothing better to do with our time. Our children have grown tired of Friday nights at the movies and dinner in front of the television. Parents have lost sight of their responsibilities, expecting the government or the baby sitter or the schools — somebody, anybody — to raise their children... (

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United States

9 January 2002

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

Pittsburgh police seized 364 illegal guns in arrests last year, part of a stepped-up effort to get firearms off the streets. The number of guns recovered in arrests was 95 more than the 269 recovered in 2000, the first year the Police Bureau began keeping such statistics. Another 254 guns were recovered without arrests, including weapons seized during service of protection-from-abuse orders or found discarded on the streets. Police Chief Robert W. McNeilly Jr. said... (

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United Kingdom

9 January 2002

Associated Press

LONDON — In a country where most police are armed with little more than batons and the closest many people get to crime is a TV drama, criminals with guns have been seen as the kind of problem that afflicts other nations. But a surge of murders, robberies and assaults involving guns in London, including the mugging of a teen-age girl who was shot in the head for a mobile phone, has shaken Britain's traditional attitude that guns are other peoples problems. According... (

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9 January 2002

Calgary Sun (Alberta)

More than 65,000 foreigners declared 89,820 firearms as they entered Canada last year, but the federal government has no idea how many are still in the country, says the Canadian Alliance gun control critic. Yorkton-Melville Canadian Alliance MP Garry Breitkreuz said that's what he has learned through Access to Information requests from the RCMP and Canada Customs, which revealed almost 90,000 guns were declared but never registered or tracked by the RCMP. Defeats... (

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United States

9 January 2002

Frontier Post

KABUL — Saying the rule of the gun must end, the UN human rights representative for Afghanistan insisted that Afghans will feel truly free only after weapons are restricted, jobs created and daily routines re-established.But Kamal Hossain said that can happen only if two pivotal parties — Afghanistan's interim government and the international community that backs it — keep their word to a population already hardened by years of broken promises. These are the... (

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United States

9 January 2002

Los Angeles Times

Lenore Alvillar-Aguilar marched into the Cal State Fullerton library an eager freshman, the first in her family to attend college. She emerged an hour later trembling and crying, a witness to one of the worst mass shootings in California history. Seven people died and two were wounded in the 1976 rampage by a university janitor named Edward Charles Allaway. Alvillar-Aguilar and dozens of others got out of the white concrete building without a scratch. But that does... (

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United States

9 January 2002

Fox News (USA)

In the James Bond movie The Man With the Golden Gun, the handgun in question killed noiselessly with a single bullet. In Aliens, Sigourney Weaver fended off xenomorphs with the rugged megaguns of the Marines of the future. And in 2005, real-life U.S. Army soldiers will be battling the enemy not with a regular rifle but with an assault weapon that could have leapt out of the special-effects department of a movie. It's the difference between a bow and arrow and a... (

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