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Gun Policy News, 26 August 2001

United States

26 August 2001

Philadelphia Inquirer

WASHINGTON — Three years after cities unleashed a wave of lawsuits to hold gun makers accountable for firearm violence, the legal assault has produced few clear victories and little change in the way guns are sold or regulated. And there are signs the litigation may drag on for years without resolution. Since New Orleans filed the first lawsuit on Oct. 28, 1998, nearly half the municipal cases against gun manufacturers have been dismissed, including Philadelphia's... (

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United States

26 August 2001

Baltimore Sun

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Ian Kinder teaches his firearms class at a sporting goods store in a Detroit suburb, with a stuffed bear head mounted on the wall above him and camouflage jackets hanging on nearby racks. But Kinder's instructions have nothing to do with hunting or wildlife. The potential targets of his students' skills are strictly human. "You need to ask yourself: Are you capable of using lethal force?" Kinder asked his class of 10 men and one woman... (

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United States

26 August 2001

Daily News (New York)

WASHINGTON — Rep. Carolyn McCarthy — one of Congress' most visible gun-control advocates — is retreating on the firearms issue. The Long Island congresswoman has dropped her support for a three-day waiting period for people who buy weapons at gun shows and is proposing 24-hour background checks instead. "It's the right of every law-abiding American to own guns," said McCarthy, whose husband was killed and her son seriously wounded in the 1993 Long Island Rail... (

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