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Gun Policy News, 25 August 2001

United States

25 August 2001

Washington Times, Editorial

The protest of Tom Mauser — father of slain Columbine High student Daniel Mauser — illustrates the tragedy of the gun control debate. Mr. Mauser, who has been picketing outside of the National Rifle Association's Fairfax headquarters, is acting out of wrenching emotions, not reason. This is certainly understandable. The loss of a child is always tragic — more so in the circumstances of a brutal slaying. But this tells us nothing about the value of yet more laws to... (

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United States

25 August 2001

Contra Costa Times (California)

SACRAMENTO — Authors of a handgun licensing bill have removed a provision requiring prospective owners to fire the weapon during training, in an attempt to gain support from police and Gov. Gray Davis. California would have been the first state to require a demonstration of actual gun proficiency before permitting a purchase, under the original bills passed separately by lawmakers in both chambers. Even with the amendments, the pending bills still would require... (

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United States

25 August 2001

Associated Press

SANDY, Utah — Bowing to Secret Service requests, Utah Republicans checked their weapons at the door Saturday to listen to Vice President Dick Cheney tout the administration's plans for missile defense and increased military spending. Two knives, 25 guns and ammunition clips, brought to a state party convention by Utah residents with concealed weapon permits, were stored in lockers outside the hall. Gun owners had complained following Secret Service suggestions that... (

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25 August 2001

News (Mexico) / Deutsche Presse-Agentur

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The Swiss are a peace loving nation yet the alpine republic is bristling with firearms and its citizens are armed to the teeth. Swiss soldiers serving with peacekeeping troops in a country like Kosovo are forbidden from carrying weapons yet at home every member of the Swiss military — and that means virtually every able man up to 42 years old — has a revolver or a machinegun and a box of munitions stashed away in the broom cupboard or... (

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United States

25 August 2001

Charlotte Observer (North Carolina) / AP

CHARLESTON — When the state's concealed weapons law was passed in 1996, critics feared gunslingers would be strolling the streets of South Carolina, but authorities say the program has worked effectively. The law allows any South Carolina resident 21 or older with a clean criminal record to obtain permits to carry guns in handbags, briefcases or holsters. They must pass a training class and pay a $50 background check and processing fee. Many locations still prohibit... (

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